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What is a function of Turbo charger in diesel engine
 Question Submitted By :: Mechanical-Engineering
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# 1
Turbo chargers are used to increase mass flow rate of air
and mainly used to get more fuel combustion
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# 2
it increases the pressure of the intake fuel-air mixture...
so the density of the mixture is increased..
as a result of this more mass of air-fuel mixture is
introduced inside the cylinder...
so increasing the power output...
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Vivek Singh
# 3
The purpose of turbocharger is to compress the air flowing
in to the diesel engine this lets the engine squeeze more
air into a cylinder and more air means that more fuel can
be added.The engine burns air and fuel to create mechanical
power the more air and fuel it can burn the more powerful
it is.simply says..
The turbo charger housing is designed to convert "High
velocity Low pressure steam into High pressure low velocity
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# 4
In high speed enines or the engine operates at high
altitude, the air intake is not sufficient to meet the
compression ratio. Turbocharger is to push more amount of
air in to cylinder to meet compression ratio.
Is This Answer Correct ?    14 Yes 4 No
Abdul Hameed
# 5
o A turbo charger is a device that uses the energy of exhaust gases coming out from an engine to compress the air going into the engine. It must have at least 4 openings: 1 for the engine exhaust gas to enter; a 2nd for the exhaust gas to exit; a 3rd opening for intake air to enter the turbocharger; and a 4th for the intake air to exit the turbo charger on its way to the engine intake. A turbo charger will also have 1 additional opening to vent excess air pressure. Increasing the intake air pressure going into an engine can increase the engine's power, but too much air pressure can damage the engine. Increasing the pressure increases the power of the engine because of the increased density of the air. Increased air density means more oxygen molecules, which means the engine can respond by increasing the amount of fuel it mixes with that oxygen. 
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# 6
the function of turbo charger in diesel engine, as we know is to add or to increase the efficiency of air to make a high power combustion in a cylinder as the fuel increase too. 
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# 7
to provide extra air for 100% combustion.
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# 8
In exhaust gas turbo charging, the exhaust gas energy, which would normally be wasted, is used to drive a turbine. The exhaust gases are diverted so that they drive a small turbine made of a lightweight material; the turbine drives a compressor, which draws in filtered air from the air cleaner and feeds this at a much higher pressure to the engine. This enables more fuel to be birnt with a greayer mass of charged air, thus increasing engine power output. Better air aviliability enhances the combustion process, thus leading to lower fuel consumption and fewer emissions and lower enginr npise and reduced power loss at high altitude... 
Is This Answer Correct ?    4 Yes 1 No
Suraj Chhetri

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