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What do you mean by High Level and Low Level Scenarios 
explain using an Example ?
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# 1
High level: Is like the overview of any test/ scenario, in
which you define the major parts of your scenario.

Exp: Suppose you are given with a module, for coding.In
that case first you will decide the major things like
Language, Database, SystemCong. etc... then proceed further.

Low level: It's like "Exploratory Testing" in which you
study the whole thing in detail.

Exp:If you take the same example... After the major thing.
Now you are ready for coding.So here you will decide some
variable names and use some std's for coding. so that any
one can understand , what have you done.......
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# 2
Yahoo mail example
High Level: Successfull login user can send a mail
Low level: System should provide a text box to enter "To"
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