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 CCNA interview questions  CCNA Interview Questions (1889)
 CCDA interview questions  CCDA Interview Questions (88)
Identify the keystroke used to terminate the setup mode?

A.) Ctrl-K

B.) Crtl-C

C.) Ctrl-Z

D.) Crtl-End
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Answer: B 
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what is vc,pvc,lmi and dlsi   1
Which two types of route table entries are used by a Layer 3 router to determine the appropriate path to destination? (Choose two) A. static route entry B. default route entry C. Dynamic route entry D. temporary route entry E. permanent route entry   2
Using the TCP/IP protocol suite, a message is sent from host A to a destination IP address on the same LAN. How does host A determine the destination of a MAC address? A. It uses a proxy APP B. It uses APP requests C. It uses PARP requests D. It uses a router lookup table   1
hi friends i am jitendera kumar sinha.i have a question in mind that what is the diffrence between router and l3 switch i serched on google and found that switch L3 is best in lan and router are best in wan and switch are more faster then router.beside that any short of technical diffrence if you body know then plz plz and plz reply. my 2nd question is that why we canot replace router with L3 switches (donot tell that it is costly then router).i want any technical cause. this is 1 am hope in noon when ever i logg again i will find the answer posted by you. thanks onse again plz pzl make reply thanks jitendera kumar sinha   5
How many access lists are allowed per interface? A. One per port, per protocol B. Two per port, per protocol C. Unlimited D. Router interface +1 per port.   6
Identify the command to view the configuration-register value? A.) show register B.) display config-register C.) show config D.) show version   1
What is the function of Layer 2 Device?   3
What is the maximum number of subnets that can be assigned to networks when using the address with a subnet mask of (Assume older version UNIX workstations are in use.) A. 16 B. 32 C. 30 D. 14 E. It is an invalid subnet mask for the Network.   2
Identify the purpose of ARP? A.) Avoiding routing loops B.) Determining a workstation's IP address C.) Sending a directed broadcast D.) Determining a workstation's MAC address   3
Repeaters work at which layer of the OSI model? A.) Network B.) Session C.) Transport D.) Physical Wipro 6
The Datalink layer works with which of the following: A.) Packets B.) Bits C.) Globules D.) Frames E.) Segments   2
Which of the following is a characteristic of a switch, but not of a router? A.) Switches forward packets based on the IPX or IP address in the frame B.) Switches forward packets based on the IP address in the frame C.) Switches forward packets based on the MAC address in the frame D.) Switches forward packets based only on the IP address in the packet   1
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