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 CCNA interview questions  CCNA Interview Questions (1889)
 CCDA interview questions  CCDA Interview Questions (88)
Identify the keystroke used to terminate the setup mode?

A.) Ctrl-K

B.) Crtl-C

C.) Ctrl-Z

D.) Crtl-End
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Answer: B 
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Identify the definition of demarcation? A.) Date in which the WAN service contract expires B.) Cabling which extends from the WAN service provider to the customer C.) Division of responsibility, where the CPE ends and the local loop begins D.) Equipment which is located at the customer premises   1
4. What is a disadvantage to using bridges in your network? A. Filters by MAC address B. Stops broadcast storms C. Doesn't stop broadcast storms D. Can only use up to 4 bridges in any LAN   3
What is the protocol number for TCP? A.) 80 B.) 21 C.) 11 D.) 6   3
Which range of possible numbers do standard ipx access lists have? A. 100 199 B. 600 699 C. 800 899 D. 1000-1099   1
Which protocol is used for booting diskless workstations? A.) IP B.) ARP C.) RARP D.) TCP E.) SNMP   2
What is CRC and which layer it use? CMS 4
What IP command would you use to test the entire IP stack? A.) Stack-test B.) Arp C.) Telnet D.) Ping E.) Trace   2
Why OSPF uses 2 Multicast IP   2
An ISDN BRI circuit can be described as which of the following? A.) 3B channels B.) 2-64Kbps B channels and 1-16Kbps D channel C.) none of the above D.) 2-64Kbps B channels and 1-16Kbps C channel   1
What are the 2 functions of the Data Link Mac layer? A.) Handles access to shared media B.) Manages protocol access to the physical network medium C.) Provides SAPs for higher level protocols D.) Allows multiple devices to uniquely identify one another on the data link layer   1
How many subnets can be gained by subnetting into a /27 mask, and how many usable host addresses will there be per subnet?   11
You need to come up with a TCP/IP addressing scheme for your company. How many network IDs must you allow for when you define the subnet mask for the network? A.) One for each WAN link B.) One for each router interface C.) One for each NIC installed in each client D.) One for each subnet with hosts E.) One for each host ID   1
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