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 CCNA interview questions  CCNA Interview Questions (1889)
 CCDA interview questions  CCDA Interview Questions (88)
Bridges work at what layer of the OSI model?

A.) Data Link

B.) Network

C.) Physical

D.) Application
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# 1
Answer: A

Bridges work at Layer 2 (Data Link) because they examine the
MAC address

of the packet which they base decisions upon.
Is This Answer Correct ?    70 Yes 4 No
# 2
Data Link 
Is This Answer Correct ?    30 Yes 4 No
# 3
B.Data Link 
Is This Answer Correct ?    16 Yes 2 No
Gunjan Raj
# 4
data link layer because bridges inspect incoming traffic
and decide whether to forward and discard it.
Is This Answer Correct ?    8 Yes 0 No
Rozy Saluja
# 5
A.) Data Link 
Is This Answer Correct ?    11 Yes 4 No
# 6
Bridges work on Data Link layer. 
Is This Answer Correct ?    8 Yes 1 No
Hemant Mehta
# 7
Data Link Layer Duh !! 
Is This Answer Correct ?    6 Yes 0 No
# 8
data link layer b/c it it examin the incoming address from network layer 
Is This Answer Correct ?    6 Yes 1 No
Vijay Kumar Sharma
# 9
Data link 
Is This Answer Correct ?    5 Yes 1 No
Savita Bamal
# 10
My answer is
A bridges function in the Data Link
Is This Answer Correct ?    4 Yes 0 No
Zeeshan Ali

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