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 CCNA interview questions  CCNA Interview Questions (1889)
 CCDA interview questions  CCDA Interview Questions (88)
What does a metric of 16 hops represent when using RIP?

A.) Number of hops to the destination

B.) Destination unreachable

C.) Number of routers

D.) Bandwidth
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# 1
B.) Destination unreachable 
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# 2
Answer: B

Routing Information Protocol (RIP) is a distance vector
routing protocol

that used hop count as its metric. The maximum hop count is
15, 16 hops

is considered unreachable. RIP updates are broadcast every
30 seconds by

default. RIP has an administrative distance of 120.
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# 3
Ans : B) Destination unreachable

RIP Maximum hop count - 15
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M Haja Bahurudeen

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