pls i want test cases for oss?

whts the process of oss testing

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How to create Test Data? What are the Fields in Test Data. Please any one specify the format of Test Data?

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how to Create a test plan document for Library Management System

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Give examples of boundary value and equivalence partitioning test cases.

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Imagine that hotmail is the application taht ur going 2 test write 10 critical test case to test it ?

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Write all Possible (+ve and -ve) Test Cases for a Date Object (DD/MM/YYYY) which is entered manually?

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suppose an interviewer asks you to write a testcase for a login window (and application is not given to test). Should we write actual results or expected results or both?

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Write the 3 TestCases to prove tht it is a softdrinkbottle or not.

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How to perform a stress test on an ATM machine? (Note ATM is a Bank ATM say Citibank, IICICI etc)

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While doing export to Quality Center it always shows Excel file does not respond???? Please suggest as why it is happening??

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can anyone please help me in writing Test cases for HRMS,ERP and for CRM Apllications...I am joined as a i have to write test cases for these applications..Soo can anyone pls help me....mail id: reply me guys.

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how will we know test cases are written by us are correct

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How to write test case template for ATM

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