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 CCNA interview questions  CCNA Interview Questions (1889)
 CCDA interview questions  CCDA Interview Questions (88)
What are the three phases of PPP session establishment?

A. Link establishment phase

B. Authentication phase

C. Network layer protocol phase

D. Handshake phase

E. Dial-in phase
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# 1
Answer: A, B & C 
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# 2
a, b , d 
Is This Answer Correct ?    3 Yes 12 No

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If configuring a Cisco router to connect to a non-Cisco router across a Frame Relay network, which encapsulation type would you select? A.) Q933a B.) ISDN C.) IETF D.) CISCO E.) ANSI   1
What are the two primary operating modes for frame switching? A. Full Duplex B. Half-Duplex C. CSMA/CD D. Cut-through E. Fragmentation F. Store and Forward G. User mode H. Privileged mode   1
Which command specifies a second subinterface on serial interface 0? A. interface s 0.2 point-to-point B. interface 2 s.0 point-to-point C. suberinterface 2.s 0 point-to-point D. interface s 0 sub 2 point-to-point E. interface s 0.1 point-to-point sub 2   2
Can you explain the difference between trusted and untrusted networks? CCIE 2
Which command will start the process for a Cisco IOS file image upgrade? A.) download B.) copy tftp flash C.) copy flash tftp D.) download flash E.) network   2
When a router knows the IP address, but does not know the MAC address of the device it wishes to contact, it uses the ARP (Address resolution protocol) to determine the MAC address. After it learns the MAC address, it stores this information in the ARP cache. What is the command to view the ARP cache? A.) sh mac B.) show cache C.) show arp D.) sh arp interfaces E.) show ip cache   2
Which of the following is an example of the Network Layer? A.) LLC B.) SQL C.) Token Ring D.) IPX E.) SPX   1
Suppose we have 4 switches runing in VTP mode. So when i create a VLAN in Server Switch this VLAN info reflect in all other switch. So question is - A) Suppose i m practicing this scenario in BOSON software, When a create a VLAN in server switch n ADD ports of switch to that VLAN, the same number of ports of client switch also belongs to dat VLAN. For example - In switch A (Server mode), i create a VLAN 7 name Hyderabad & port number 1, 2 & 3 put into this VLAN. Another Switch B (Client mode), its also showing that port number 1,2 & 3 belong the same VLAN. How cud it possible... As we know, VTP share only VLAN configuration information. Cud anyone explain it please....!!!! B)Same thing, when i m practicing in PACKET TRACER 5.0, its only showing that VLAN configuration information is shared. No port information is shared at all. I can manually configure individual switch port to respective VLAN as our wish. Cud anyone explain it please..!!!   3
You can access three forms of WAN services with Cisco routers. Select the three forms: A. Switched or relayed services B. Interface front end to IBM enterprise data center computers C. Using protocols that connect peer-to-peer devices like HDLC or PPP encapsulation. D. IPX/SPX E. NetBEUI   1
Based upon the 1st octet rule identify the range for a Class A address? A.) 1 - 126 B.) 192 - 223 C.) 128 - 191 D.) 1 - 191   1
Which OSI layer supports the communication component of an application? A.) Data-Link B.) Physical C.) Session D.) Presentation E.) Application F.) Transport   1
Which of the following is a connectionless protocol at the Transport layer? A.) UDP B.) ARP C.) ICMP D.) RARP E.) IP F.) FTP   2
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