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 CCNA interview questions  CCNA Interview Questions (1883)
 CCDA interview questions  CCDA Interview Questions (88)
What are the three phases of PPP session establishment?

A. Link establishment phase

B. Authentication phase

C. Network layer protocol phase

D. Handshake phase

E. Dial-in phase
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# 1
Answer: A, B & C 
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# 2
a, b , d 
Is This Answer Correct ?    3 Yes 12 No

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Which of the following are logged when IP access list logging is enabled? A.) source address B.) protocol C.) source port D.) destination address E.) access list number F.) destination port   1
A ISDN BRI circuit can be described as a which of the following? A.) 3B channels B.) 2-64Kbps B channels and 1-16Kbps D channel C.) none of the above D.) 2-64Kbps B channels and 1-16Kbps C channel   1
As the system administrator, you enter the following commands at the command prompt: ipx routing access-list 800 permit 2b 4d int e0 ipx network 4d ipx access-group 800 out int e1 ipx network 2b int e2 ipx network 3c What did these command accomplish? A. Traffic from network 4c destined for network 4d will be forwarded out Ethernet0. B. Traffic from network 3c destined for network 4d will be forwarded out Ethernet0. C. Traffic from network 2b destined for network 4d will be forwarded out Ethernet0. D. Traffic from network 4d destined for network 2d will be forwarded out Ethernet0.   1
What must you do to test connectivity on a dial on demand routing (DDR) link? A. increase the idle Import parameter B. send interesting traffic across the link C. reboot one of the integrated services digital network (ISDN) routers D. reset the DDR integrated services digital network (ISDN) router statistics to zero HCL 1
which of the following address represent unicast address A B ffff.ffff.ffff.ffff C D E plz tell what should be answer plz tell with explanation IPsoft 5
can we measure how much a host exact bandwidth using by a network cable which is communicating over the network? options: 1- via Router 2- Switch, 3- other device... if yes.. then how ( with every option)   3
What is the default IPX Ethernet encapsulation? A.) SNAP B.) Arpa C.) 802.2 D.) Novell-Ether E.) SAP   1
how to shutdown a Cisco router from command prompt? Atlas-Systems 8
Which protocol carries messages such as destination Unreachable, Time Exceeded, Parameter Problem, Source Quench, Redirect, Echo, Echo Reply, Timestamp, Information Request, Information Reply, Address Request, and Address Reply? A. ICMP B. UDP C. TCP D. TFTP E. FTP   2
Switching methods include cut-through, store and forward, and a modified version of the first two methods. Which statement about switching methods is true? A. The store and forward method has low latency B. The cut through method of switching has high latency C. The modified version holds the packet in memory until 50 percent of the packet reaches the switch D. The modified version holds the packet in memory until the data spoon of the packet reaches the switch   3
what is 5-4-3 rule?   2
Which protocol gets a hardware address from a known IP address? A.) RARP B.) TCP C.) IP D.) BootP E.) ARP F.) ICMP   3
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