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Write test case for a search engine?
 Question Submitted By :: Test-Cases
I also faced this Question!!     Answer Posted By  
# 1
Test1: Search functionality should not work when no keyword
is entered and prompt to enter

Test2: List of links/paths should display matching at least
one of the keyword

Test3: Most suitable matches should display at the top of
the list

Test4: Link should open in the same window.

Test5:Allow user to return to the search again by resetting
or fresh
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Shilpa Salla
# 2
Test One:- Search Box should allow user to enter some key

Test2:-Check for the Max and Min limit of key words(SRS)
Test3:-Search with out entering any keyword.
Test4:-Press spacebar in search box,and search for result
for that blank space.
Test5:-If Result is displayed for proper key word,Check for
the Order of the Result set.
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# 3
Test cases for search engine is depends on the SRS
(including business req.), web page layout (GUI) depending
on this we are writing test cases.
The above mention answer is the general overview for search
engine. If you are looking for any perticular conditions
mention it.
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# 4
The Test cases /Test scenarios are depend on the SRS
documentation provided by the client .In case Client did not
provided more details. Than the Test can provide
suggestions. And for the Testing purpose, if the Tester
covers as much as negative Test case it would add more
value to the Tester.

Here there are few things that to be taken care in testing
the search functionality on Web and Window.

Here are the few possible test cases/test scenarios for
Search functionality

1. Check for cursor on the search text box in the starting
2. Check whether the blank space is trimmed on starting of
the first word in the text box
3. On no entry done in text box, check the engine does not
display any result
4. Check no result is displayed on only single special
character is entered in text box
5. Check the search response time
6. Check the total number of results to be displayed in one page
7. Check the page resolution
8. Check the URLs' unchecked are colored BLUE & checked are
9. Check for total number of results found for a search
10. Check whether the search text box is present on top &
bottom of the page press "back" button and Check the search
option goes backward.
11. Search with special characters (like a* should gives all
responses starting with a) incase application is providing
this functionality.
12. Search results if more should be spread over different
pages with hyperlinks
13. Junk characters in search textbox
14. GUI Testing
15. Once you type anything in the search textbox how long
does it take to refresh the page and come up with a result
character width and font style of search text box should be
as per spec.
16. Once u click search button with empty search text box,
it should not display any links.
17. Advanced search tab should be available to set searching
18. Search functionality should work when on keyword is
typed and prompt to enter by keyboard.
19. Press spacebar in search box, and search for result for
that blank space.
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Mulugu Sathish
# 5
1. Search with out entering any keywords.
2. Check for the Max and Min limit of key words.
3. If Result is displayed for proper key word,Check for
the Order of the Result set.
4. Link should open in the same window.
Is This Answer Correct ?    12 Yes 3 No
# 6
Mainly test cases are mapping with the SRS
if there is nothing specified about its functionality we can
go through these sections
1. Search Box should allow user to enter some key
words and should display full letter properly
2. check the field size of the search field ( max and min)
3. create non logic search key words like special
characters, decimal points, and blank space.
4. Search with out entering any keywords.
5. is there is any order of displaying the search results (
like recently posted should come first) depends on SRS
Is This Answer Correct ?    11 Yes 4 No
Hanson Joseph
# 7
test cases for web search engine
1.whether it is showing correct results for what we hv typed
2.if select image search it is dng image search or not
3.if language is changed it is showing the language change
or not
4.if results are filtered by country it is showin the
results in dat locality or not
5.if the word is typed wrong it s showin nearby results or not
6.the results shown are the ones with most search results or not
7.if nothin is typed in search box but search optionis
clicked it stays in dat page or navigates d engine able to navigate between pages back n forth the search engine showin the links which we have
visited before.
Is This Answer Correct ?    11 Yes 5 No
# 8
1. select the option in wich you want to see your search
result. like Web, Images etc.

2.Type the desired keyword in the search window.

3.and press the search button.

4.all the search results displayed on the window.
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# 9
Test case for a search engine should contains all above
cases that all of you described and in my opinion also
should contain to allow user search using "wildcards" in
Search box ( like as in Microsoft Word)
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# 10
Test cases for search engine is depends on the SRS
(including business req.), web page layout (GUI) depending
on this we are writing test cases.
Search Engine depends on Metatag Title, Metatag
Keywords,Metatag Description.
When we Write test case for a search engine we first
concentrated on the proper Metatag Title which is most
important for SEO.
Is This Answer Correct ?    4 Yes 3 No
Swagata Mukherjee

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