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what is DHCP & DNS port number?
 Question Submitted By :: Microsoft-Related-AllOther
I also faced this Question!!     Answer Posted By  
# 1
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# 2
DNS port number is 53
DHCP port number for server is 67
DHCP port number for client is 68
DHCPv6 port number for client is 546
DHCPv6 port numbet for Servr is 547
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# 3
the above answer is correct 
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# 4
DHCP listens for incoming on UDP 67 and send out on UDP 68
the dns port no is = 53
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# 5
dhcp port no.67
dns port no 53
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# 6
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# 7
DHCP port number for server is 67
DHCP port number for client is 68
DHCPv6 port number for client is 546
DHCPv6 port numbet for Servr is 547

500 % sure
Is This Answer Correct ?    18 Yes 2 No
Kevin Parikh
# 8
DHCP-Server port number => 67
DHCP-Client port number => 68
DHCPv6-Server port number => 547
DHCPv6-Client port number => 546
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# 9
DHCP=67&68 and dns=53 
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# 10
dns port no is 53
dhcp client side 546
dhcp server side 547
Is This Answer Correct ?    11 Yes 8 No
Anuj Kumar

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