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 CCNA interview questions  CCNA Interview Questions (1889)
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why we twist the cable in case of twisted pair cable?plz 
give me technical answer.
 Question Submitted By :: CCNA
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# 1
the cables are twisted to cancel the effect of any external
magnetict field which can distort the signal.the twists
cancels that effect
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# 2
wenever a signal transmits in a cable,itself produces interference.this interfernce can damage the signal.using a twisted pair..we use two pairs of cable.
both the cable pairs are loosely coupled from each other.
where in the single pair is tightly coupled so the interference get we use twisted pair..simpeeel...
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Vaibhav Kadam
# 3
becuase of elecromagnetic radiation effect we can twist the
cable in twisted pair un shielded
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# 4

Twisted pair cable one just twist the wire in order to get
the climping of RJ45 jack in a proper way to climp wires in
RJ45 jack in a sequence manner for communication between 2
similar devices we require cross cabling and for
communication between 2 dissimilar devices one requires
straight cabling.The sequence of straight cabling is
ue,whiteofblue and this is purely techinical solution.
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S.m.feroz Ahmed
# 5
two defrent network to add 
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