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What are the different inputs and outputs of the phases in 
 Question Submitted By :: Project-Planning
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# 1
Phase-I Feasibility Study: Input - Customer Requirement,
Budget and Timeframe / Output - Cost Benefit Analysis Report
Phase-II Requirement Analysis: Input - Customer
requirements given in different formats (BRD, FRD)/
Output - SRS
Phase-III System Analysis and Designing: Input - End User
Information / Output - ERD, DFD, Design Documents
Phase IV Development and Coding: Input - DB structures,
Coding and Programming / Output -developed modules
Phase V Integration and Testing: Input - Module
Integration, Test Plan, Test Cases / Output - Defects,
Issues, Interoperability Analysis Report
Phase VI Acceptance and Deployment: Input - Completed
Required System, User Guidance Documents / Output -
Acceptance Report, Deployment Issues
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# 2
1)Reqiurement gathering/Initial phase:
Input:Customer or user reqirement.
Output:URS (user requirement specification).
2)Analysis phase:

Input:USR document.
Output:SRS (system Requiremt Specification)

3)Designing Phase:
Input:SRS document.
Output:TDD(Technical design document)

4)Coding phase:
Output:Developed software.

5)Testing Phase:
Input:Developed software.(Build)
Test Case.
Test Environment.
Output:Quality Product.
Test Deliverables.
6)Delivery and Maintenance.
Input:Quality product.
Output:Real time Issues.
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Santosh Kumar Singh
# 3
For Problem Analysis phase, the inputs are problem statement
and scope & vision to this phase and the output from this
phase is system improvement objectives.

For Requirement analysis phase,
input -- system improvement objectives
Output --- Business Requirement statement

For Logical Design,
input --- Business Requirement statement
output --- logical design

for physical design,
input --- logical design
output ---- physical design & prototype

For construction and testing phase,
input --- physical design & prototype
output ---- functional system and training materials such as
user manuals, etc

For maintenance,

input--- operational system
output --- working business solution
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Chan Myae
# 4
There are different stages in the project such as
1. Requirement gathering.
2. LLD / HLD or Prototype.
3. Construction.
4. Testing.
5. Implementation.

1. Requirement gathering.
Input - Discussion with project stake holder / understanding
their business process / suggesting the proposed process /
Existing report formats / system process.

Out Put - Blue print of the System requirement which we we
can call as SRS or BPR.

2. LLD / HLD or Prototype.

Input - Reviewed and client approved SRS / BPR.
Out Put - Final Prototype with complete HLD design.

3. Construction.

Input - Prototype and Final Database which incorporated the HLD.

Output - Constructed module, application.

4. Testing.

Input - Final SRS ( Which will have detailed section for
unit test,functional test, database , performance test)

Output - Detailed Test cases.

5. Implementation.

Input - Tested and build module/application/solution.
Output - Application live for UAT and ensure its running
with out bug and errors.
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# 5
Input to Requirement Phase : Scope Document, Sow
Output of Requirement Phase: Signed off SRS / BRD / BRS

Input to Analysis Phase: Baselined SRS / BRS / BRD
Output of Analysis Phase : Signed off FS

Input to Design Phase : Baselined FS
Output to Design Phase : Signed off HLD ,LLD

Input to Development \ Coding Phase : Coding standards
Baselined SRS, FS,HLD,LLD
Output to Development Phase : Source Code signed off by

Input to Testing Phase : Baselined Source Code
Output to Testing Phase : Test Plan,Test Cases, Results
Test Reports.

Input to Implementation Phase : Tested and build
Output to Implementation Phase: Application live for UAT
and ensure its running with out bug and errors
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# 6
Input phases : Requirement, Coding, Implementation,Testing
Output phases: Design,Testing, Maintenances
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Mahtab Alam
# 7
Software Development Life Cycle 
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Ahmed El Koloui

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