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who is the father of C Language?
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Other C Interview Questions
  Question Asked @ Answers
I didn't count the ducks that I saw in line, but I do remember that one duck was in front of two ducks, another duck behind two ducks. How many ducks did I see?   2
You are given a string which contains some special characters. You also have set of special characters. You are given other string (call it as pattern string). Your job is to write a program to replace each special characters in given string by pattern string. You are not allowed to create new resulting string. You need to allocate some new memory to given existing string but constraint is you can only allocate memory one time. Allocate memory exactly what you need not more not less. Microsoft 2
What is output of the following program ? main() { i = 1; printf("%d %d %d\n",i,i++,i++); } CTS 8
write C code to reverse a string such that if i/p is "abc defg hij klmno pqrs tuv wxyz" and the o/p should be "cba gfed jih onmlk srqp vut zyxw"   2
what is the difference between while and do while?   2
CopyBits(x,p,n,y) copy n LSBs from y to x starting LSB at 'p'th position. Adobe 9
How to implement variable argument functions ? HP 1
write a string copy function routine?   2
can please someone teach me how to create this program using while statement.. this is the output should look like 0 2 4 6 8 10 -thanks.. :) need it asap...   7
In scanf h is used for BFL 4
plz answer.. a program that takes a string e.g. "345" and returns integer 345   4
Example of friendly function in c++   2
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