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what is major concerns about any RTOS selection ?
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# 1
There are two major reson to consider before selecting any RTOS

1) Interuppt latency
2) Footprint (size of the executable which is generated
after compiling)
3) Context switching time is also considered as vital
element in selection
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# 2
Interrrupt Latency means the time taken by the processor to
pass the control to ISR after the interrupt is raised.
Certainly this is the hardware feature.

Footprint of the OS matters because with the same compiler
and same optimization techniques, Different OS's will have
different footprint.
So this is can be looked upon while selecting the RTOS.

RTOS can be chosen looking at various API support it
provides. Synchronization support, Scheduler algos, and
memory management of the OS.
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# 3
(1) Interrupt latency means, the time taken by the processor
to service the interrupt. So, obviously the interrupt
latency depends on how good the Interrupt Service Routine
was written

(2) Foot print is completely related to compiler and its
optimization techniques
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# 4
First thing i will look for open source RTOS, so that i can
modify it as per my application requirements. Further, it
will help in debugging software with confidence.

Context switching time is again in programmers hand(i.e.OS
porting work).
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