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what does a civil engineer should know?
 Question Submitted By :: Civil-Engineering
I also faced this Question!!     Answer Posted By  
# 1
A civil engineer must be able to read drawings and its
sections, co relate it to its consultants drawings, clarify
discrepancies in drawings,should be aware of IS codes, basic
quality needs, preparation of bills, preparation of bar
charts and MS Projects.
He should have planning skills and get the work done from
resources available.
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Girish Rawat
# 2
A civil engineer also needs to know how to write having a
reasonable grasp of grammar and spelling. "Onse I didunt
no hough to speill injuneir now i are won."

So, "what does a civil engineer should know" would be
better expressed as "What should a civil engineer know?"
or "What does a civil engineer need to know?".

I hardly think a website is the place to get the answer to
this question. Perhaps a trip to your local university may
be helpful.
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# 3
CIVIL ENGINEERING is one of the oldest and most extensive
branches of engineering. It focuses on aspects of public
works like transportation, water treatment, government
buildings, public facilities such as airports and train
stations, and other large scale projects which benefit the
public. A civil engineer must be able to design safe
structures which meet standard codes in the regions that
they are being built in. These structures must be designed
with maintenance, efficiency, and other economic concerns
in mind as well to ensure that they will endure through
years of use.

In terms of transportation, civil engineers build bridges,
tunnels, freeway interchanges, and other structures which
are designed to facilitate the smooth, even flow of traffic
while allowing for expansion and higher use rates. Water
treatment includes sewage plants, delivery systems for
fresh water, dams, and other facilities which handle both
fresh and waste water, while government buildings run the
gamut from police stations to city halls. A civil engineer
might also work on projects like a city power plant or a
major office building.

Pay for civil engineers tend to be reasonably high,
considering that these professionals are highly trained and
very skilled. Jobs in public service may not command as
much pay, but they may come with benefits and prominent
positions in the community, while private contractors can
woo civil engineers with very attractive benefits and
compensation packages. The position can also be dangerous,
depending on how much time a civil engineer spends in the
field, but it can also be very exciting, especially in
regions which are integrating cutting edge technology and
design techniques into their public works.
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# 4
A civil engineer must know surveying 
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Pradeep Kumar
# 5
to carry out the assigned activities according to the
specificatiand on and drawings and to unsure that the
progressing of work is carried out according to the planned
parogramme, and all the equipment require to wxecute the
work are available as per the project planning and same as
to the seniot engineers .taking the measurements and sending
the bill to the sub cobtractors along with the
measurements.coordinate with construction managers ,project
managers sub contractors and safety officersfor the proper
and safe execution,coordinate with the qc engineers for the
test to be carried out and to initiate for the insepction
for the finished work study the specifications .drawings
,and other documents related to the project
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# 6
he should know to prepare any project with good planning and design and to execute it with economy and quality 
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Amitabh Joshi
# 7
A civil engineer should know how to speed up the project with good quality, how to deal with the sub-contractors and motivate them to do the work quickly and neatly, he should also know how to deal with workers if he want to be in a good position in the construction industry. Moreover he should prepare estimates, bills, check stock and also do quantity analysis. 
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Sandeep Thakur
# 8
An engineer must know how to solve the problem 
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# 9
Civil Engineer must know (a to z) everything about Construction Work. He must have experience in all branches of civil, i.e. Surveying, building and road construction, wood work, Quantity surveying, drawing, autocad, public health, etc. A perfect engineer is one who has every skill. 
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# 10
"The best creator next to God is a civil engineer" know
more about various civil engg. topics visit Civil
Engineering Forum in facebook....
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Civil Engg. Forum

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