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What is the basic difference between Latches and Flip flops?
 Question Submitted By :: Electronics-Communications
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# 1
Latchs: They are sensitive to the duration of pulse and
can transfer data until they are switched on. They hold the
last logic at the output if we put it off(bring the strobe
pin to low). They are used as temporary buffers.

FF: They are sensitive to signal change(low to high or
high to low) and not the level. Hence they transfer data
only at that instant and it cannot be changed until next
signal change. Due to this they are used as registers.
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# 2
clock pulses should be given to the flipflop. but latches
don't need clock pulses.
Is This Answer Correct ?    634 Yes 156 No
# 3
latch works without clock signal,but works with a control
signal and it is level triggered device.
whereas flip flop is a 1 bit storage element and works with
a clock signal.its a edge triggered device.
normally latches are avoided and flip flops are preferred.
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# 4
The difference between a latch and a flip-flop is that a
latch does not have a clock signal, whereas a flip-flop
always does.
Latches are Level sensitive where as Flip-flops are Edge
triggered sensitive
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# 5
latch is level triggered where flip flop is edge triggered . 
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# 6
Latch is an asynchronous device and does not need to be
synchronized with a clock input. It may have an enable
(low or high) and the latch will store the input to the
latch when the enable is in its active state.

Flip-flop is synchronous and will change states in synch
with a clock on either the low-high edge or high-low edge
of the clock, depending if the flip-flop is positive or
negative edge triggered.
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Jed D. Ronk
# 7
a flip flpo is an edge triggered device .. latch is a level
sensitive device
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# 8
both latch and flip flop are same but with one difference
that latches are level triggered device where as flip flop
are edge triggered device.
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# 9
latch changes its output immediately it is given the input..
but flip-flop changes its state or gives the output until the
clock pulse changes positive to negative or negative to
positive depends.
Is This Answer Correct ?    44 Yes 31 No
Vishal Singh
# 10
the latches are basic circuits from which all flipflops are
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