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What are the different addressing modes in 8085?
 Question Submitted By :: 86-Family
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# 1
there are five addressing mode of 8085

1-dirrect addressing mode

2-register addressing mode
3-register indirrect addressing mode
4-Imediate addressing mode
5- Implicit addressing mode
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Vijay Nath Tiwary
# 2
1.Direct addressing mode
2.Indirect addressing mode
3.Register addressing mode
a)Direct Register addressing mode
b)Indirect Register addressing mode
4.Immediate addressing mode
5.Implied addressing mode
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# 3
Various formats of specifying the operands are called
addressing modes.
1) Direct, (ex: IN/OUT Port#) (# - port number)
2) Immediate, (ex: MVI R,Data) (R-register)
3) Register, (ex: MOV Rd,Rs) (Rd- destination Register, Rs-
source Register)
4) Register indirect
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# 4
1. Immediate mode
2. Register mode.
3. Direct mode.
4. Register indirect mode.
5. Implicit mode.
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# 5
Different addressing modes of 8085 are:
1. Immediate mode
2. Register mode.
3. Direct mode.
4. Register indirect mode.
5. Implicit mode.
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Syed Zubair
# 6
there are five addressing modes by which the processor can
access the data from a stored location.they are:
1)direct addressing mode
2)indirect addressing mode
3)immediate addressing mode
4)implicit addressing mode
5)register addressing mode.
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# 7
1.immediate addressing mode
2.register addressing mode addressing mode
4.indirect addressing mode
5.implied addressing mode
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# 8
1.Direct Addressing Mode.
2.Immideate Addressing Mode.
3.Resister Addressing Mode.
4.Resister Indirect Addressing Mode.
5.Implied Addressing Mode.
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Saurav Sadangi
# 9
1.Direct Addressing mode (eg:IN 00H,OUT 05H).

2.Immediate Addressing mode (eg:MVI 56H).

3.Register Addressing mode (eg:MOV Rd Rs)-Rd=Destination
register and Rs=Source register.

4.Indirect Addressing mode (eg:LDA M)-M=Memory content
address(R/RW memory) stored in one of the register pair(16-

5.Implicit Addressing mode (eg:CMA)-Complements accumulator.
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Sunil K V
# 10
1>Implicit Addressing Mode
2>Immediate Addressing Mode
3>Stack Addressing Mode
4>Register Direct Addressing Mode
5>Register Indirect Addressing Mode
6>Auto Increment or Decrement Addressing Mode
7>Direct Addressing Mode
8>Indirect Addressing Mode
9>Relative Addressing Mode
10>Indexed Addressing Mode
11>Base Register Addressing Mode
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