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What is the difference between "overloading" and "overridding"?
 Question Submitted By :: C++-General
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# 1
overloading means that we can use same method with same
name many times for multiple purpose in a class with
difference parameters.

overriding means we can refer a method of a base class with
same name in a derived class with same paameters.
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# 2
Overloading: When more then 1 methods in a class having same
name but they are different in their number of parameters,
different in their parameters types and their order.

Overriding: When a parent class is derived by a child class
and some method which has present in parent class which is
declared as "virtual" in parent class , same method with
same name and parameters and sam type is also declared in
child class without "virtual" keyword, bcz it is by default
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Shakti Singh Khinchi
# 3
Overloading uses same funtion with different parameters

Overriding Uses same exactly similar funtion prototypes
this used in runtime polimorphism ie Virtual Funtions
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