How can a tester ensure that his\her test cases covers all
the functionalities of a particular application?

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Answer / kishore

Traceability matrix is used to track back the test cases
with requirements to ensure that nothing is missed

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Answer / sm

Using prepared tracebility matrix for the customer
requirements Vs Test cases we can able to identify the test
coverage based on the application.


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Answer / guest

I guess using tracebility matrix you can know the coverage.

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Answer / balaram hochtechnologies

by using TM we can determined how many test cases are
covered for particular functionality, if not covered our
test lead will add extra test cases

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Answer / ranjith nair

The first document refereed should be RTM(Requirements
traceability matrix).In addition to that testrs should
ensure that they have refered the static system analysis
document(SSA) and requirements document .This is to ensure
that they haven't missed any functionalities while creating
test case.But testcases cannot be a 100% testcoverage.100%
test coverage testcases are very difficult to be created

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