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Explain the line "All that glitters is not gold"
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# 1
offcourse all glitters arenot gold because just by seeng a
person who is handsome ,wecant say he is a there
so many people in the world who have a good appearence but
with lack of knowledge and poor communication skills 

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# 2
Appearances are deceptive.
We cannot judge sb simply by how they look.
For example,life in cities like Pune looks glamorous but
behind the glitterlng facade lies moral chaos &
disintegration.Life in cities may seem glittering but in
reality it is sinister & disgusting.The glittering modrn
world is heading towards chaos.Of course some good persons
might be encountered. 

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# 3
noone can in this world know about a person by his outlook.
outlook tells only about outer personality . to know the
reality we have to know about his hidden qualties. such as
gold is found in the mines of coal. so each thing which
looks good does not mean it is really good. 

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# 4
all that glitters is not gold states that one person should
not judge another person by thier outer aperance(whether he
is rich or poor )their internal apperance may not be true
for example we can't judge a shop keeper by his sweet word
they may cheat us . 

Is This Answer Correct ?    119 Yes 34 No
chetan dwarkani
# 5
"All that glitters is not gold". In todays or the past
politics we found the leaders not overcome to their own
quote as they promised us at the time of canvassing.
Citizens of a country think for their sake and expect if
the situation can be reviewed but the circumstances of
their own defeat them and no helping hand raised towards
the people.
Therefore the glitters (politicians) those were shining in
the beginning turned into the gold of no value. 

Is This Answer Correct ?    125 Yes 54 No
vikram singh
# 6
That proverb says us we can't say who is good or bad. don't
have any idea by looks. for the examfle some flowers are
very beautiful to see. but they give us bad. we can apply
to all this " all the glitters is not gold". 

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# 7
This implies that we should take care in all the steps we
are stepping forward. Just by seeing we won't judge. 

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# 8
offcourse all glitters are not gold because by seeing a
person we cannot comment upon. because a man have two
things, first is outer things & second is inner things.
outer thing means his look,appearance which is easily
visible to a common man & second is inner thing which we
cannot see,but only feel or, choose the things
which will really work & donot choose which you have to
keep only in your showcase. 

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amitabh das
# 9
looks can be deceptive , so its rightly said "all that
glitters is not gold "

we cant judge someone by his or her looks , what matters is
his qualities and capabilities ! 

Is This Answer Correct ?    119 Yes 65 No
# 10
Yes It's 100% fact. By seeing anything or any person I
can't judge it for example a person is come for interview
and he is infront of you and he is very handsome boy but
without asking anything you cannot select him because it
may be he doesn't have ability to work or his
comminicationb skill is not good and you know verywell
that " All that glitters are not gold". 

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taj afzal

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