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What is full form of XP ?
 Question Submitted By :: Guest
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  Re: What is full form of XP ?
# 1
xp means Extended Procedure . These procedrue are made from
dlls written in c++.

Example- XP_cmdshell is a extended procedure to run all dos
commands in sql server.
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  Re: What is full form of XP ?
# 2
xp means Extended Procedure . These procedrue are made from
dlls written in c++.
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  Re: What is full form of XP ?
# 3
The "XP" in Windows XP doesn't stand for anything, it's a
symbol in itself, the greek "Chiron" (where in the Greek
language, "chi" = X and "ro" = P, hence the graphic symbol
XP is read "Chiron"), which was chosen as the emblem of
Christianity by the emperor Constantine (4th century CE).
Previously, Chiron was the name of a centaurus in Greek
mythology. Later, it was also used to name a celestial body
if I recall it correctly
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  Re: What is full form of XP ?
# 4
XP stands for-----Extreme Process 
Is This Answer Correct ?    43 Yes 57 No
Bhanu Pratap Singh
  Re: What is full form of XP ?
# 5
full form of xp is eXPerience. 
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  Re: What is full form of XP ?
# 6
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  Re: What is full form of XP ?
# 7
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  Re: What is full form of XP ?
# 8
'x' is a potocol name. it generate a linux developer sir provide a security in system.a 'x' protocol
provide alot of secrity in linux operating sysstem.
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  Re: What is full form of XP ?
# 9
XP stands for extended store procedure 
Is This Answer Correct ?    18 Yes 36 No
Smart Bro
  Re: What is full form of XP ?
# 10
XP stands for Extreme Programming, in which two developers
sit together and perform the development process.
Is This Answer Correct ?    22 Yes 31 No

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