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What is the Difference between Testing Types and Testing 
 Question Submitted By :: Test-Cases
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# 1
As per my knowledge there are two types of testing:
1>Functional testing 2> Non functional testing

Testing Techniques means the method that we use to test the
functionality of the application
For functional testing generally we use following testing
1>Black Box Testing
2>White Box Testing
Black Box Testing is the testing in which tester does not
know about the internal working of the application, he/she
only knows the legal input and expected output. Tester does
not know that how the expected output produced be the
system for given input.So the blak box testing is also
known as Specification based testing or behavioral testing.

Under Black Box Testing there are following strategies to
write the test cases:
a>Equivalence Partioning
b>Boundary Value Analysis
c>Cause Effect Graphing

White Box Testing:White Box Testing is the testing in which
tester knows about the internal working of the application
and tests how the expected output produced by giving the
legal input. In White box testing tester verifies the
structure of the application and flow of the path in
application.So white testing is also known as structural
testing or open box testing.

Under White Box Testing there following strategies used to
write the test cases:
a>Statement coverage
b>Decision coverage
c>Condition coverage
d>Decision-condition coverage
e>Multiple condition coverage
f>Basis Path Testing
g>Loop testing
h>Data flow testing
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# 2
There are two types of texting
1.Functional Testing
2.Non Functional Testing

Method of testing can be
1. Black box testing
2. white box testing

Level of testing can be
1. Unit testing
2.Integration testing
3.System testing
4.Unser acceptance testing

The testing Techniques can be
1.Boundary value analysis
2.Equlant Partitioning
3.Error guesing and etc...
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Paska Mary
# 3
As per ISTQB Testing Type includes the folloeing-

Functional Testing.
Non-Functional Testing.
Testing Related to Changes
i) ReTesting and ii) Regression Testing
Maintenance testing.

But Testing Techniques consists the way on the basis testing
is get done.
i)Black-Box technique, it consists..
Boundary value analysis
Equivalent Partitioning
State Transitions
Decision Tables
Use case diagrams
ii) White Box techniques consists of
Branch,statement,code ,path,decision,Multiple
condition,LCSAJ means all the coverage stuffs.
iii) Experience based techniques consists
Exploratory testing
Error guessing.
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Nilanjan Saha
# 4
Testing Types: Unit Testing,Regression testing,Integration
testing,System testing, Production testing (Beta testing).

Testing techniques : its an approach to test like
white box Techniques
Equivalence Partitioning.
Boundary Value Analysis.
Cause-Effect Graphing.
Statement coverage
Decision coverage
Condition coverage
Decision-condition coverage
Multiple condition coverage
Basis Path Testing
Loop testing
Data flow testing
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Yashwant Singh

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