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What is the difference b/w Structure & Union?
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# 1
Memory allocated for any structure is equal to the sum of
memory required by each structure member.

Example: In a structure 'abc' below, memory allocated will
be 7 Bytes (2 Bytes for int a + 1 Byte for char b + 4 Bytes
for float c ina 32 bit processor)
struct abc
int a;
char b;
float c;

But in union memory allocated for it is equal to the memory
required by the biggest (in terms of memory it use) union

Example: In a union 'abc' below, memory allocated will be 4
Bytes as float c is the biggest union member here and it
uses 4 Bytes of memory in 32 bit processor.

union abc
int a;
char b;
float c;
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Nakul Sharma
# 2
in structure struct key word is used but in union union key
word is used.
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# 3
struct can hold multiple data types.
Like u can define a date structure....
but union can multiple data types which includes struct also

union x
int x;
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Raj Kumar

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