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I'm 11 letters  word & a famous place in India,letters
6,7,8,9,10,11 is a fruitand 6,7,5,3 a part of face,6238 a
geometrical shape.783 a bird.find me
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# 1
Is This Answer Correct ?    159 Yes 7 No
Ambrish Dixit
# 2
PONDICHERRY is the famous place in India.
CHERRY is the Fruit Name.
CHIN is part of face.
CONE is Geometrical shape.
HEN is Bird
Is This Answer Correct ?    142 Yes 7 No
# 3
Is This Answer Correct ?    35 Yes 6 No
Krishnaveni G
# 4

Fruit- Cherry
Geometric Shape- Cone
Bird- Hen
Part of Face- Chin

Its a southeast city of India
Is This Answer Correct ?    22 Yes 1 No
# 5
Is This Answer Correct ?    19 Yes 1 No
# 6
sorry for the spelling mistake
Is This Answer Correct ?    20 Yes 5 No
# 7
Is This Answer Correct ?    17 Yes 2 No
# 8
Me is the last word in the problem. 
Is This Answer Correct ?    19 Yes 12 No
Casey Berntson
# 9
Is This Answer Correct ?    15 Yes 14 No
# 10
6,7,5,3- CHIN
6,2,3,8 - CONE
Is This Answer Correct ?    2 Yes 1 No

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