Top Visa Interview Questions Interview Questions :: Top Visa Interview Questions Interview Questions en-us Why MBA? I have done my bachelor's in Business and hence I would like to go on and do my master's in Business as well.And Since MBA is the premier Business Qualification(the topmost business qualification) ,I have chosen to do that Why do you want to study MS in computer science in USA The US educational system is considered as one of the best educational system in world today.Besides technologically there is no other developed as US today.Therefore while completing my MS in Computer Science I would be able to learn new &am If the US visa officer says that " If I reject your visa" w thanx, Hello All, My B1/B2 visa is 2 times rejected in a year so that can Hello Kumar One of my frnds also faced the similar problem in the past. First time, his B1/B2 got rejected. He re-applied for the second time (in a gap of 2 months) and again got rejected. Later, after a gap of around 1 year he went through Why have you chosen L1-B visa rather than H1-B or Business visa? stupid question. as it is the company that chooses L1 or H1 not the employee How to get H1b visa through consultants for indian employes. if u go there , they will charge around 1.5laks and they will spansor visa. Why do you want to travel to the USA? for Business Purpose Recently i got rejected for B1 visa. can i reapply is there any time 3 months Why have you chosen this university? Because this university provides that course in which I want to do Master's. In ups how can calculate the battery backup time Battery current at full load / Battery Ah. This gives approxmate backup time. How can you assure me that you will come back? i have a big hospital to run and yes my parents are here too . and above all sir i just love my proffesion . can u tell me is there any dress code at the time of visa interview? There is no particular dress code but it is always better to present yourself in formals. formal plane suite or blazer, formal shirt and trouseres with a suitable tie, what are the questions asked by visa officer for B1 visa 1. Why do you want to travel to the USA? 2. What company do you work for? 3. What do you do? 4. What is your annual income? 5. Have u ever visited any other country other than home. 6. Can I see you Business/visiting card? 7. Who will look aft Why did you choose US ? Because US has advance technology and has been provided flexibility of subjects. So that in which field I want to do my Master's. My TOEFL score is low.It is 55 out of 120.I have low marks in listen You have to appear in it again!!