Top USA Student Visa F1 Visa Interview Questions :: Top USA Student Visa F1 Visa Interview Questions en-us Why MBA? I have done my bachelor's in Business and hence I would like to go on and do my master's in Business as well.And Since MBA is the premier Business Qualification(the topmost business qualification) ,I have chosen to do that Why do you want to study MS in computer science in USA The US educational system is considered as one of the best educational system in world today.Besides technologically there is no other developed as US today.Therefore while completing my MS in Computer Science I would be able to learn new &am Why have you chosen this university? Because this university provides that course in which I want to do Master's. can u tell me is there any dress code at the time of visa interview? There is no particular dress code but it is always better to present yourself in formals. formal plane suite or blazer, formal shirt and trouseres with a suitable tie, Why did you choose US ? Because US has advance technology and has been provided flexibility of subjects. So that in which field I want to do my Master's. My TOEFL score is low.It is 55 out of 120.I have low marks in listen You have to appear in it again!! What are your plans after graduation? After graduation I intend to use my newly acquired competences to stimulate economic grow in my home country Why did u choose this University I UNDERSTAND THAT THE QUALITY OF EDUCATION IS VERY HIGH IN AT USA AND SINCE I WNT TO GET A MASTERS QUALIFICATION I THOUGHT BY STUDYING IN USA I WILL GET A TRULY INTERNATIONAL EXPOSURE AND KNOWLEDGE WHICH WILL MAKE ME MORE CONFIDENT. ? I have got my visa rejected for fake documents. In a sense, the mone It shoud be leader my on studing P.G cours what will u do if i reject ur visa? its normal question which will be faced by many student so dont panic when u hear this question from interview officer maintain ur body laungage which was before the question n dont be nervous or xcited after tht question u shd say WHY THIS UNIVERSITY?. I GOT VERY POSITIVE FEEDBACK ABOUT THIS UNIVERSITY FROM A COUPLE OF INDIAN STUDENTS WHO ARE CURRENTLY STUDY AT TROY UNIVERSITY. SECONDLY WHILE DOING MY RESEARCH FOR GOOD UNIVERSITY IN USA I FOUND THAT TROY UNIVERSITY HAS BEEN RATED GOOD BY U.S Why you want to go for usa? I have to go us because i have to complete my masters there from reputed university. my future plan is come back india after my graduation. If the VISA officer asks why should I grant you VISA what should i an I HAVE CHIOLDREN HERE ALL OF THEM, MY SON IS DOING EXAMS THIS YEAR HE IS FINISHING HIGH SCHOOL I HAVE MY JOB HERE ALSO SHALL NOT BE A PARASITE TO THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT my brother went for his visa interview, he had backlogs in his B.E , YES,U CAN APPLY FOR AN EMERGENCY APPOINTMENT. TELL YOUR BROTHER NOT TO LIE BEFORE THE CONSULATE OFFICER ESPECIALLY ABOUT ACADEMICS. IN THE FIRST INTERIEW IF UR BROTHER HAS SAID THAT THERE ERE 10 BACKLOGS. TELL HIM TO SAY THE SAME NO OF BACKLO will you come back to india when u will come back to india? ans shd be ofcourse yes but is shdnt be dirct yes without ne strong reasoning reasoning shd not look like an foolish ,if common its ok but maintain bodylaungage ans shd be : after finishing my ms and very usefull