Top USA AllOther Visa Interview Questions :: Top USA AllOther Visa Interview Questions en-us What is the procedure of getting an F2 visa ? Does F2 also have to und F2 visa is almost like applying f1 visa...We need submit financial documents who ever is suppring us... Geneal q's are like when will u return back? who is supporting you? One thing we need to previe them that we are financially very st 1.why you are going to usa ? to attend the convocation ceremony of my brother held on may 2nd hi all, am attending the f2 visa interview this month .. pls help me Just pray to God from the bottom of your Heart, u'll get it. how we calculate dg set fuel effecency? D.g set efficiency = units generated x 860 x100 / GCV of fuel (in kcal) xfuel consumption (in kg) i applied three times for M1 visa but they reject me under 214(b)and 214(b) is the criteria where they think u will be a possible immigrant....thats y they did time never say them u want to settle in the US and dont show over affection on the country...FUNDS N DOCUMENTS ARE SECONDARY IN THE M1 VISA! the this questions is regarding F2(Dependent visa). My wife is in india s there is some littel chance for visa but if you go with fully confedence answer correct then you definatly got visa try a luck why are you going to usa? its part of my job.i got job in carnival cruise line as fitter should I pronounce slowly or hourshly? Hi, Please be bold and clear when you are answering. Don't give any wrong information, and try to convinence in pleasing manner and with clear voice. If you are unable to understand the question request them to repeat the question politl i applied three times for M1 visa but they reject me under 214(b)and may be ur funds were not enough... I attended the J1 US Visa but i got many times i can Hi Dear..As per my knowledge you can apply immediately any time as there is no such restrictions... hi, i applied for F2 visa twice however it got rejected because my hu MY HELTH IS NOT GOOD N I HAVE APPIED FOR F2 VISA (US) WHAT WILL BE D You can absent on interview date. But after the date of interview, you have to go to your nearest visa application centre for reactivate your HDFC fee receipt. And then you can try next time for your interview. How should i pronounce American English in Interview? You may have to speak slowly word by word.First listen to the question and then asnwer to the point precisely. or otherwise we are good. Good luck im getting a B1-Visa, so i'm a bit nervous about my upcoming int me 2 why do u want to join power grid cororation of india