Top Tourism Hotel Interview Questions :: Top Tourism Hotel Interview Questions en-us why do you want become a cabin crew? i want to be a cabin crew bcoz being a part of it, i'll get the chance to interact with various kinds of people belonging to different regions, religions and cultures n secondly i want to explore this world in my own sweet way. why you want to join our companey This is a subjective question based on the company. The applicant should research the company as completely as possible and see if it a company they want to work for. How does the company's corporate stack up to what you are looking fo why you join the hotel industry? becoz it is the only industry where many traditions n cultures meet under one umbrella. and i am very much pride to serve to all those cultures and implicating our culuture too. Why do you want to become an airhostess? as after 10+2 every one have to choos a career so i have intrest in this line i think that i can use my skills in this line the thing which i have lije communication skill,hospitality etc. Wat r ur strengths & weaknesses ? Applying for a cabin crew posi You may describe your strenghts, do not say hardworking, patience etc describe one quality which is unique n it can be seeen from your presence. careers are never made from weakness. so you dont have any as yet why u have join hotel industry i have joinend hotel industry because i was attract6ed towards the glamour but after comeing to my collage & after doing my industrial trainning i saw that it was not only about glamour but also about hardwork & diciplne .And if i sh what goals do you have in your career? Initially, to be able to follow my goals meant separating myself from family and friends for years at a time and working wherever and whenever the opportunities arose. For some people, not returning to home each night or not knowing what if a What is C-FORM in hotels mean? What is the meaning of C? i don't know but i want know this que ans. What would u say when you are asked to give a self- introduction of y You should say thankyou for their question & go ahead with you answer,do not repeat what is written in your resume, try & say something different like your qualities, hobbies or interests which are essential for a cabin crew. why do you want to join our hotel i want to join this hotel so that i can get extra knowledge nand special from ur esteemed hotel. what do u mean by the words 'service'? s——service,e-excellent,r-ready,v-view,i-inviting,c- creating,e-eye 13. What three Specific Job Positions do you target from QATAR AIRWA Three Specific Job Positions I target in QATAR AIRWAYS GROUP U.K is to be a CEO OF THE COMPANY, MANAGER OF THE AIRPORT, AND MOST SUCCESS FULL PERSON IN THE AIRWAYS GROUP. why we should hire you? i have the quality and some very good working experience under my belt which caters myself to get a job in your organisation. why do u want to join jetlite? why do you want be a cabin crew? jetlite is one if the biggest airlines in domestic aviation.they are faouse for there best perssunal,honnesty. because i want to start my career in aviation industry on good post and cabin crew is one of them. every girl hav their dream to see how do u handle pressure and stress by create interest in his work