Top Solaris Threads Interview Questions :: Top Solaris Threads Interview Questions en-us Does "AMD Turion 64 X2 Processor TL50, 1.6 GHz and above" true But we have to install by using intel cd pls send me who r clients to ibm,wipro ,tcs at present g.ramesh ibm(988675364) sasi.b wipro (9985451433) khan.a tcs(9491103876) Hello, this is parameswar from Hyderabad. I have 2 sun ultra 10 works Disk is not properly physically configured. Remove and replace disk and then try it out. This solution may be helpful. what is the application you are using in your company and what you a We are Using HR - Associates based application . Running on 30 Sun servers. Co -ordinating with application tteam as well as giving support for 30 servers. What is an idle thread? What is the threshold value that is set up to what are all the latest server you are having in your company and it