Top SAP Security Interview Questions :: Top SAP Security Interview Questions en-us how to create new authorization object? su24/su25, su18/19 What is the difference between VIRSA Tool and GRC, and does VIRSA to Yes which ticketing tool you are using? A 3rd party tool called AHD how to transport roles? to transport a role follow these steps: transport the role between the two systems,RFC MUST BE ENABLED (REMOTE FUNCTION CALL) 2.login into a user goto pfcg specify a role which is already created click on the send transport icon. what is the difference between se16 and se16n ? SE16 and SE16N both transactions works same I mean use for table display. SE16N is new version of SE16. Difference could be display setting.So its my advice better execute both transactions then only you will come to know. So try it. What are the components in VIRSA tool and GRC? there are 4 components in GRC Access Enforcer Complaince Caliber Role expert Fire Fighter What is the differrence b/w Copy Roles and Derived Roles ? temp role is a default sap provided role...and a copy role is one we customize from a temp role... Derived role:- Is a role which is derived from the parent role Parent role can be either a customised role r temp role Hi This is Prakash . Can any one tell me what is the use of SU24 Every Tcode has list of authorization objects which are maintained in roles. when a Tcode is executed that objects will refered in roles, if an object is not maintained in role then it is an authorisation error which can be seen through SU53 I want to see list of roles assigned to 10 different do yo 1.Go to SE16 Transaction 2.Type agr_users and go to next screen 3.In the users feild ive the list of usreids 4.result What is the differences between AGR_1251 and AGR_1252? AGR_1251 - shows auth object in role/s AGR_1252 - shows org level in role/s i need to give authorisation to a user to su01 tcode but the delete Remove the 06 value from the S_USER_AUT auth object to remove the delete authorization. It works..... What is fire fighter ? When we are using fire fighter? Fire Fighter is used if you have implemented Virsa/GRC Fire fighter is also a nomal user ID but having some specific access [Say Su01 or SAP_ALL]as per the needs. User type is kept as "service user' when it is used: Say, in your p how to adjust user master records? we have daily periodic job PFCG_TIME -DEPENDENCY what are various user types dilog user, syste user, trns por use, like that 5 type of users In which table you can see authorization group for table and which ta TDDAT table - to see auth group for table TRDIR table - to see auth group for programme