Top SAP B1 Interview Questions :: Top SAP B1 Interview Questions en-us How many types of Routines in SAP BI(7.0)? there are 3 types of routines 1) start routine 2) End routine 3) expert routine what is concept behind incoming payment and outgoing payment? In SAP B1, Basically when we raise Accounts Payable(A/P) Invoice means we are crediting the Vendor and Debit the Expenses. And when we are paying to that Particular Vendor or General Ledger account,we use Outgoing Payment and Select the Payme hi, what is the diffrence between Psa And IDoc >> In IDOC there is no error handling facility and it is used for small data load as the data load performance for larger data is not good when compared to PSA and it is mostly used for hierarchy loading. >> IDOC method is very slow How we know, whether we have to use DSO or Infocube for particular d The decision depends on data that you want to store and reporting you want to do . USE OF DSO ex: If data is delta and it is of ABR or AIM type then a DSO will be an info provider needed to use to allow overwrite . If the delta may have duplicate what are the table created when you created a infoobject Master data table and SID tables are generated as soon as we create an infoobject. Why we have only 16 Dimension tables in a cube.Is there any reson.Is because Cube is nathing but Fact Table and in sap for each table we will have 16 Composite key or Primary Key so Demension is nathing but primary key for Cube or fact Table Hi Experts, What are the common Transport errors in SAP BW? 1.NOT CORRECT USAGE. Reason: When we change the structure of any cube which has Business Warehouse Accelerator Indexes created for it. Change in structure could mean a change as simple as adding a navigational attribute. solution: Delete the Inde what is the techincal name for dimensions in a cube? I think it is Attributes can we load delta load directly without full load ? how ? what are t Yes we can. because of for capturing deltas we need to do somthing before load the deltas. before going to set the delta mode. you should initialize delta process without data transfor process. ofter finishing the this initiazation keep what is UI and DI objects I did not get this question clearly. If the question meant about info objects there are 2 types. They are buisness delivered and custom made. WHERE DO YOU STORE THE MASTER DATA IN BI 7.0 In characteristics.For this in infopriver tab under modeling right click on Infoarea and press INSERT CHARACTERISTIC AS INFOPOVIDER OPTION.THEN this characteristic enable to store master data ex:0material,0vendor,0customer Can anybody explain the what is "OLTP"(Online Transaction oltp -- example for oltp is sap r/ is optimised by data,write access is possible.contains limited historical base size is finite. olap--- example for olap is sap bw/bi.It is optimised by reporting.Only read access 1. We have standard info objects given in sap why you created zinfo o 4th question ans)Using Template we can copy the properties and able to edit those properties. Using reference we can copy the properties (description, display, text selection, relevance to authorization, person responsible, constant, and attri ) Why is there a restriction of 16 Dim tables in an Info Cube and 16 good question dear according to cord rule there is max no of dimensions are 16 only more then not possible .ods is a flat table.db architectured by mr card. hi 1.while monitoring process chains i got an error that "ac hi guys plz can u send the answers for those questions what i have posted ,send to my mail