Top Resource Management Interview Questions :: Top Resource Management Interview Questions en-us what is the difference between waterfall model and SDLC(system develo Waterfall is one of the SDLC models. what are the roles and responsibilities of people manager and projec 1.Supervise and manage the overall performance of staff in the department. 2.Analyzing, reporting, giving recommendations and developing strategies on how to improve quality and quantity. 3.Achieve business and organization goals, visions what are the successful methods available for resource planing One of the best method for resource planning is leveling of resource. Based on their respective skillets & Other technical data like previous project performance of resource, he or she should be categorised and place for project. Past dat what are the key things to be considered for resource management Leveling of resource Collection of Previous performance data Defining Skill set s of each resource in organization or an system What is main difference between 'Continuous Integration' and Continuous integration: ----------------------- First core functionality implemented. Then new requirements are added to that implemented part and checking whether it is giving some meaningful functionality and then again some requirements are a what are the basic rules have to be followed for successful resource who are the key stake holders in resource management what are the ways to find out the effective ness of the propsed reso what is INFRASTRUCTURE MANAGEMENT and how it is related to database, what are the basic knolwedge required for resource manager how will you identify the best resource for specific requirement what are "the things" one can consider for resource planing what are the artifacts maintained for resource planing and managemen