Top Physical Chemistry Interview Questions :: Top Physical Chemistry Interview Questions en-us What is Downward Displacement of Water? It is the displacement of water in the downward direction. Mostly it is used to collect the gas that is dissolved in water. For the collection of water, the density of the gas should be less than the density of water. what is an Amphipathic protein? Amphipathic protein is a protein molecule which is having both polar and nonpolar ends. How much is the molar extinction coefficient of methylene blue at wa I have no idea of the value of the molar extinction coefficient of methylene blue at wavelenght 664 nm but for the second question, I have a dual answer.First answer is "NO DEPANDANCE" for dilute solutions i.e.,the concentration upt What is the difference between EMF and Voltage? EMF is a workdone. and voltage is an Energy How the value of Absorbance and molar extinction coefficient are cal we have the formula, absorbance=molar extinction coefficient*cocentration*length of tube cotaining the solution Give an expression for Ka for ethanoic acid? Ka=[CH3COO-][H+]/CH3COOH What happens to the solubility of group II Sulphates as you go down solubility decreases down the group. why no bond in chemistry is 100% ionic? Bond character can be assessed by electronegativity difference. A 100% covalent bond will have a 0 electronegativity difference. This can be achieved with the correct combination of atoms such as Si with Ge or if 2 of the same atom bond togethe why silica absorb in mix bed resins in D M plant. Because in the SBA bed mainly remove of silica takes place,so to know the proper removal of silica we absorbing it in the MB bed. what is enthalpy of hydration? The total amount of heat liberated when one molecule of water is added is called enthalpy of hydration. What is emf and how is it used to arrange Metals in Reactivity Serie very sorry i didnt knew pl tell the answer Balance the following redox equations by ion electron method. In ba (ii) ClO3- + 2H+ + 6Cl- ---> ClO2 + 3Cl2 + H2O how many types of stability in pharma or API industry ? The type of stability study for API and Pharmaceuticals as per ICH guideline are as follows. 1) Long term stability study (25°C/60%RH) 2) Intermidiate condition (30°C/65%RH) 3) Accelerated study (40°C/75%RH) 4) Photostabiltiy study please refe How do you measure order of reaction? order of reaction can be measured only experimently. it can not be measured by any theoretrical formula. is the pH effects the solubility/micibility of the compound? say6u0h8vqtj33a8 <a href= >kzaxgt xpccb</a> <a href= >optso xbywklzk</a> <a href= >dvfnq bpgjrjs</a>