Top Mobile Testing Interview Questions :: Top Mobile Testing Interview Questions en-us What is the difference between TDMA and FDMA. TDMA is nothing but Time division multiple access. In this each user in the channel owns the channel bandwidth for some time in a round robin fashion.All GSM handsets use this technology. FDMA means Frequency division multiple access. In this Is there any automation tool for mobile application testing ??? yes there are automation tool for mobile application testing , diff company work with different tools. What is Difference between Test Strategy and Test Methodology? Give s testing strategy is the sequence of steps for testing which involve sthe testing methodologies.Testing Methedologies are Block box and white box testing. Testing strategies are unit testing,integration, system ,security ,performance etc What is the advantage of symbian OS devices comparing with j2me and Advantage of Symbian OS device over j2me and Brew OS devices is H/W access. Symbain OS has best Hardware access to the phone rather than j2me and Brew OS. How do you test mobile handsets ? According to the application of the mobile it differs, May i know wht kind of application mobile application like video recorder,audio recorder,wall paper download,business,sms,mms etc......... or mobile games???? generally we will how to test the MMS application? MMS- Multimedia Messaging services This means a mobile can be used to transfer images,photos,animations,Motion pictures,voice,songs..etc. The mobile device and communication link between the mobile and the communication network will have c what is walk through? A walkthrough is an informal meeting for evaluation or informational purposes. Little or no preparation is usuallu required. write the test cases for mobile incoming,out going etc description-check incoming call/TC steps- receive call by pressing green button/expected result- 1.on screen name(for saved contact) or num(for unknown num) should be displayed. 2.should receive the call when green butto What the difference between web testing and mobile application testi Mobile Application Testing: As Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) is used in mobile phones for internet connections the browser tested here is WAP BROWSER. Testing is done to ensure that only wml languages are accessed using wap browsers.And what is regression testing? What are the basics to be tested in mobile testing? User interface and minimal functionality as per requirement. tell me test cases for marker 1. Check for the marker's colour indicated on teh TOP and the actual color of the Marker 2. Check for the Ink Quality. 3. Check for the Ink Quntity. 4. Check for the Brand Name and Logo display on the marker. 5. Check for the cap that shou what will be the common test case for SMS and Mp3 player application There might be many common test cases: Here are 2 I) 1. For SMS: It uses UDP protocol 2. for MP3: Audio streaming also uses UDP protocol II) 1. for SMS: For entering text for SMS, you need to open Text editor. 2. for MP3: For entering/editi what is incremental testing? testing the software/application repeatedly within a certain period of time continuously with adding some extra feature/new functionality into it and compare it with the existing one. whats the difference between mobile emulator and simulator? The basic difference between a mobile emulator and simulator are, both of them run on the same machine, where as emulator runs on simulated mobile environment with the help of cross compilers, and simulator runs on desktop environment.