Top Mechatronics Engineering Interview Questions :: Top Mechatronics Engineering Interview Questions en-us WHAT IS DIFFERENCE BETWEEN PRESSURE VESSEL & COLUMN? Pressure vessel stores pressurised product in it depending on the requirements of process Column normally has atmospheric pressure encoder definition An encoder is a device, circuit, transducer, software program, algorithm or person that converts information from one format or code to another. i wante appsc assistant engineer old question papers? what is differance between PLC and Logic Card? there is no diffrence... technically Both are logic controller... used for so many applications and in PLC has it's own internal memory ( compared to Logic card ) Logic card also called PCB and PLC is combined version of Logic card As a mechatronic supervisor in field,& as a graduate student of microprocessor,microcontroller,programmable logic controller,robotics why resistance has colour code? it has colour code because there r so many resistance in circuit and if any one will be burn then after dis-soldering we can see the resistance value easily by color code. now a day in resistance it has writen its own value on it..... can any one post the written test exam model papers for amar raja bat 2. Silicon Valley of India? Ans: Bangalore how a spindle motor works , in detail.............. pls send me the aptitude questions for jsw recruitment what salary you expect from our company 25000/-Rs. what is the u value? over all heat coeffiecent Would you say me selecting Mechatronics Engineering will be useful to yes sir mechatronics engg will be usefull to compony because you may select machanical engg for mechanical maintenance and u may select electronics engg for electronics maintenance .but mechatronics engg can handle both. so you may help your how failure of knuckle pin occures double shear defenition..transformer? VFD?FLIP FLOPS AND TYPES? transformer is an static equipments by means of which electrical power of one circuit is transfer to another circuit at constant frequency is called as transformer. flip flops is a combinational logic circuit which is store a single bit of info