Top MM Interview Questions :: Top MM Interview Questions en-us What is the full form of MIRO and MIGO? SE16 table TSTC: TCODE PGMNA DYPNO MENUE CINFO ARBGB TTEXT MIGO SAPLMIGO 1 00 Goods Movement MIRO SAPLMR1M 6000 04 Enter Incoming Invoice Hope this much in SAP standard given. Regards Badari What is the difference between the stock transfer between two plants If you are tranfering stock from 1 plant to another plant means you are debiting liability from one department and crediting to another department only (some time 1 segment to another)because invenoty belongs to same comany But when you are What are the types of tables in SAP? there are mant tables in each functional like MM,PP, Fi,co etc some of table sin MM are Marc,Mast,Mard etc... What are valuation area, valuation category and valuation class? valuation area is generally company or plant valuation category -split valuation is applicable or not Valuation class- whether the materiasl fall in to which category for simpification such as raw materials,semi finished goods like that What is Diffrance Between Batch No. & Serial No. a Batch # is given to a specific production output may be based on Time/Date of Manufacturing Or Specifications of BOM Or tp Specific Customer Or any other information by which we need to Defferentiate the Products. A serial # is given to Spe What is meant by MRP Type and lot sizing? It is procedure that you set in the system on how the Material is planned Reorder Point Seasonal requirement Replenishment Vendor Managed Forecast Based Master production Scheduling Lot size : You can define your requirements (to be What is the difference between valuated Stock and Non Valuated Stock? You cannot post a GR of non-valuated material direct into consumption. You have to post the goods into the warehouse first and then enter the goods issue. Also include Returnable transport packaging, which is maintained as a special stock. Ge What is meant by a release strategy? Release strategy means, value of the purchase order is more than certain limit,that can be released by MM manager.that movement type is ME29N. What is GR blocked stock? When it can be used? GR blocked stock is non-valuated stock When ever you are not sure of stock status What are the documents generated in the MIGO 101 movement type? What - Material Doc - Accounting Doc - SPL - Controlling Doc - PA Doc Accounts Hit are - Inventory - Purchase - Stock Movement - GR/IR What is the movement type for return to vendor? How to reverse it? Movement Type 161 is used for return to vendor. Just select return button in the PO. What are the steps in automatic account assignment config. Material type is assigned to A/c Cat Ref.; A/c Cat. Ref is assigned to Val. Class; Val. class assigned to G/L A/c. Configuration : OMWM : Activate Val. grouping Code OMSK : Create A/c cat. ref and Val. Class; then A/c cat ref assigned t What is difference between stock transfer & transfer posting? Stock transfer is the Physical movement of the material. Transfer posting is done with in the SAP system. What is meant by access sequence? When it is used? Access sequence is a search strategy,it searches for valid condition records of a certain condition types. How is a shelf-life item managed in SAP? What is the full cycle? Shelf Life Item is a Matreial which has a Expiry.This will be maintained in the material Master at Dat Storage 2 division. The Period of Expiiry and Date of Purchase has to be maintained for this kind of materials.After Expiry Period the Sto