Top Linux Commands Interview Questions :: Top Linux Commands Interview Questions en-us how to see unallocated hard disk space on linux simply type cat /proc/partitions what is user mode &amp; kernel mode? KERNEL-MODE The kernel-mode programs run in the background, making sure everything runs smoothly - things like printer drivers, display drivers, drivers that interface with the monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc. These programs all run in such a way what is the UID and GID of root user? Can a normal user can change th the root UID/GID is 0 (zero). which is why he can able to intervene in all normal users files even though he don't had permission. A normal user will don't have the permission to change ownership of file. The command to change ownership how to create a new file command create new file touch and give filename it will create new file why do u want to join this company becoz i am unemployed, i wan a job n need money. which command is used to see all the system configuration? like hardw lspci -vv how do u find remote machine operating system and version? XProbe what is soft mount and hard mount? i have to make permanent nfs mount to make permanent nfs mount, write it into /etc/fstab server<ip> nfsmount mountpoint filesystem defaults 0 0 /var/ftp/pub /mnt nfs defaults 0 0 What does the top command display? top command displays the current ammount of mamory occupied by the currently executing processes and the details. what is the difference between service and process? A process is any piece of software that is running on a computer. For example, your anti-virus software runs in the background as a process, which was automatically started when the computer booted. Some processes start when your computer boots, in unix how to change old name to new name mv <old name> <new name> // for rename the file in the same directory mv <old name> /<absolute path>/<new name> for rename and move the file in other diretory. what are the linux boot files? Lilo and GRUB both are boot loader.. difference between Tcp and udp TCP(Transmission Control Protocol). TCP is a connection- oriented protocol, a connection can be made from client to server, and from then on any data can be sent along that connection. Reliable - when you send a message along a TCP socket, y what is the command to uninstall processes in linux? first find which package you want unistall than rpm -e sendmail* (this is the package name) or yum e sendmail* (than package name) what is initrd image? initrd image is the initial ram disk image While the system getting booted the kernel image will get loaded into the main memory after POST to improve I/O performance. this initrd image will contain the same version number of kernel and if we fa