Top J2ME Interview Questions :: Top J2ME Interview Questions en-us What is the difference between CLDC 1.0 and CLDC 1.1? CLCD 1.0 does not have support for floating points while CLDC 1.1 does. What is the difference between MIDP 1.0 and MIDP 2.0? MIDP 1.0 - Does not support floating point MIDP 2.0 -it support floating point Explain 3G ? Third generation (3G) wireless networks will offer faster data transfer rates than current networks. The first generation of wireless (1G) was analog cellular. The second generation (2G) is digital cellular, featuring integrated voice and dat What is JSR ? Java Specification Request (JSR) is the actual description of proposed and final specifications for the Java platform. JSRs are reviewed by the JCP and the public before a final release of a specification is made. what is the difference between jad and manifest file? Manifest file describes the files zipped in the .jar file, like the name of the game, size.etc, .jad file is used to install the j2me game on the mobile. The .jad file while installing the application will look in the file for the pro What is preverification ? Due to memory and processing power available on a device, the verification process of classes are split into two processes. The first process is the preverification which is off-device and done using the preverify tool. The second process is veri What is OTA ? Over The Air generally simmulates the dowloading of the application of the application on to the mobile using GPRS connection. What is PSTN ? The public service telephone network (PSTN) is the traditional, land-line based system for exchanging phone calls. What is FDMA ? Frequency-division multiple-access (FDMA) is a mechanism for sharing a radio frequency band among multiple users by dividing it into a number of smaller bands. Explain HTTPS ? Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure sockets (HTTPS) is a protocol for transmission of encrypted hypertext over Secure Sockets Layer. Explain GPRS ? The General Packet Radio System (GPRS) is the next generation of GSM. It will be the basis of 3G networks in Europe and elsewhere. What is LCDUI ? LCDUI is a shorthand way of referring to the MIDP user interface APIs, contained in the javax.microedition.lcdui package. Strictly speaking, LCDUI stands for Liquid Crystal Display User Interface. It's a user interface toolkit for small devi Explain GSM ? GSM stands for Global System for Mobile Communications. It is a wireless network system and it is used in 3 frequency modes GSM900, GSM1800 and GSM1900. Hi how to create a mobile book on j2me program, for example dictionar Following is a simple J2ME Record store program. Create a project(MIDet) using this code and see the console output. The same way u can store / update ur data into RMS(Record Management Systen _mobile database). create a user interface for this I want to know how to connect to DataBase from our MIDP application. U cannot directly connect to Databases from Midlet. Best way to retrive data from db server is to write a servlet that retrieves data from db server and gives to midlet. U can call servlet from midlet using GCF