Top IT Management Interview Questions :: Top IT Management Interview Questions en-us Write a C Program to create a structured data file named Student.dat i want to this quastion answer how to face telephonic round interview as a candidate. Kindly give In a telephone interview, your goal is to secure an in- person interview with the person who has the authority to hire.So, approach the call with that attitude. Managing the Telephone Interview Try to reschedule surprise interviews. Say th How do you determine realistic schedules for the project? According to Verzuh, a realistic schedule: -Includes a detailed knowledge of the work to be done -Has task sequences in the correct order -Accounts for external constraints beyond the control of the team -Can be accomplished on time, given the How do you monitor risks to the project and mitigate them? We have to first analyzed the risk of a project based on statistical probability and categorized as the following ratings. Probability: High The risk is more likely to occur. À50% Medium The risk is about as likely to occur as not to occ What is the difference between product based and service based IT co Product based companies need to have a much longer term orientation. While service based companies need to map the existing business rules of a client, product companies need to reflect emerging business rules across the domain. What are Tier 1 and Tier 2 IT companies?? Tier 1 and Tier 2 Automotive Suppliers Tier 1 supplier would be a company who makes products specifically for one of the OEMs. That would be companies like Delphi or Dana or Johnson Controls who sell directly to an OEM. A Tier 2 supplier wh What is Difference between Comprehensive AMC and Non- Comprehensive Comprehensive AMC means snnual maintance contract with spares and service. NOn-Comprehensive AMC means only service What tools do you use to monitor and control projects? Primavera3 for planning and resource controlling and progress monitoring. TDS calculation how to calculate bonus and EL leaves What change management processes have you used to ensure that change Change Management is an IT Service Management discipline. The objective of Change Management in this context is to ensure that standardized methods and procedures are used for efficient and prompt handling of all changes to controlled IT infr where do you see yourself after 5 or 10 years ....i want to be a roll model for others in the next five years How do you manage suppliers? Every company have a good link with every supplier,so if you can managege our supplier ,create a good link with they, create a coridination between supplier and us.You also have good communiocation skills to manage supplier What motivates you? How do you motivate others? But also, the subsequent recognition of my efforts gives me the encouragement for my next efforts. I think responsibility motives me the most. Responsibility is very important for all the employees. Since I am a member of this company, I should why u choose mba after bca? In my BCA i learned about the Technical aspect of the system. Doing MBA gave me tools to understand various business process which can be optimized with my knowledge. What are the practices you follow for closing a project and meeting