Top HR Questions Interview Questions :: Top HR Questions Interview Questions en-us Tell me about yourself? i m an hardworking,ambitious and bit romantic What are your weaknesses / areas of improvement ? I perioritize continual growth an improvment.An area on which i would like to focus is managing others who have diffrent expactation from me.What need to be done my order to complete responsibilities is intuative for me.So i m learning how to tell me about yourself ? Tell me about yourself you should start up with your name, then school, college and then to your present qualification. Then tell anything about your additional courses or achievements. Tell me about ur family with your parents name and List 5 words that best Describe your strengths? 1) Optimistic 2) Postive thinking(ex: Its very normal question how did u tackle ur boss when he wants everthing to be completed in one hour we are unable to produce the result etc...) 3) Self COnfident 4) Public Relation 5) task Oriented tell me about your hobbies ? answer: cooking question: which type ? answer: tell a type that HR's do not have idea. [if it is overseas, indian; if north india, south indian type] question: why? answer: cooking and hair styling are the two things u r not sure about y how to answer freshers "tell me about your self?" iam apolite girl ilike trevlling my comunication skills is good i feel very good when iwith my friend ilike to do something for our nation how to introduce myself as a fresher in HR. Hi,My self is anjali. I Completed my engineering study from the GNIIT.MY Father is Shopkeepeer. MY Mother is Housewife. My Sister Working in THOMSON FINCIAL. MY BROTHER Working in IFFCO TOKIYO.My aim is to make Great engineer. My Hobby is Rea What are your Greatest strengths and weaknesses? Strength: Hard working and positive attitude. Weakeness: I am workaholic. I keep working util the job is done. what are your weakness ? when this type questions asked by hr person,u can say in such a way ur weakness turncate ur sterngth.u can say like this 1)loose my patience when the work is done not properly 2>i am openminded What kind of person are you? Describe your personality. i am the person of looking always for innovative ideas. i always like the clarity and perfection in the work on which you are doing . about my personality i am peaceful person and appears smart for looking. What is your Future Plans for the Company if Permanently Employed? I will find out the weakness of the company and try to remove that kind of weakness. Make the company in the higher level Hello, I have cleared technical,Hr round in accenture.The hr also t Hey, HR may keep you on hold for some time. Ask them. why TCS only ? it values people. Why do you want to join Accenture ? For a professional it is very important to be a memeber of the organisation that provides excellent work culture, good platform and has got good name in the industry. I feel Accenture is among the top IT industries in our country and working with If HR person asked tell me about yourself then what is the sequence sd