Top Germany Visa Interview Questions :: Top Germany Visa Interview Questions en-us HI, I have applied for my German spouse visa for family reunion and HALLO, Ich habe für meine deutsche Ehefrau Visum zur Familienzusammenführung beantragt und ich habe eine Deutsch verheiratet, so wie lange es dauern wird , um mein Visum erhalten, nachdem das Gespräch beendet? Ihnen zu danken Hi my husband is working in Germany, After 1 month he will get his wo well, I'm living in germany past 1year,you need to apply a work permit to work in Germnay, becos now you are having visa is not a work permit, its just allow you to stay in germany for a particular period, what you could do is apply the job What is the purpose of schengen business visa? Dear One, Kindly go to the you will get all the information there. Regards, Jaydeep C Desai hi,this is Srinu.. can anyone say me the procedure for German VISA? h HI Srinu If you want surely to be in German then 100% Visa can be guarenteed for that you need someone in German He or She should got ot the municipality in German and ask for a paper that paper illustrstes that your name ,pp no and your ident ihve got a shengen visa from austrian emabassy for eight days but i ha ha ha you are lucky . just go to the austrian embassy and write a appology letter giving reason for your delay and get over with it as quickly . they have nothing to loose its your loss if this lapse is noticed . why only germany? something famous about germany? some famous person i want answer above that questions? Hi every body, I applied for student visa ,all my documents was comp Your IELTS Marks has nothing to do with your visa but writing that exam is must. Even the guys with 5.5 band has got visa... hi..I am Married and my husband has got permanent job there. I need hi..u need to first fill up the application form available in vfs offices.u should apply for long term visa.u need to submit your passport,3 biometric photos, declaration letter, covering letter written by u, informal letter by your husband inviting Is Police Checking Done for getting visa confirmation as that done w NO POLICE CHECKING IS DONE FOR GETTING IS VISAS.BUT FOR GETTING / APPLYING FOR VISA , NOC CERTIFICATE IS REQUIRED FROM PASSPORT OFFICE, FOR SOME COUNTRIES SUCH AS CYPRUS.FOR THIS SERVICE PASSPORT OFFICE WILL CHARGE 300 RUPEES AND PUT STAMP Hi all, This is suresh. I have germany university admission. i have hai suresh how much finecial you have shown to consulate .last time and second time both are same or diffrent.that is fixed deposit are bank loan . when your couse will be started time . why do you prefer germany Germany is most power full country of world , German people is engineering is power of know loge so we prefer of Germany, and also engineering is most good magnifier machinery conpany is only on Germany based. Hi all am anusha.i got the admission from german university.I applie Can any one tel the answers for the mention questions plz? hi i am working in bangalore. for my company training purpose i am go I'm married and have to go germany.Is it possible to apply with Hi, I will give you a good idea but dont tell this to anyone.First you goto Germany and marry someone out there on contract basis with german girl for PR once you get PR you can cancel your contract Marriage and apply for your spouse visa what question may asked in swiss embassy if you want to go for vacat