Top General Physics Interview Questions :: Top General Physics Interview Questions en-us Explain the Rectilinear Propagation of Light ? Light travels in a straight line through an homogenous medium. It can be proved by an experiment given below. Arrange two pieces of cardboard, having pin holes at the centre of each, vertically, one behind the other. They should be arranged in What is Sextent ? It is an instrument used to determine the Sun?s altitude at a given place. In other words it is the angle which the line joining the observer and the sum makes with the horizontal. It us used by sailors Why is it easier to swim in sea water than in the river water? It us easier to swim in sea water than in river water, because sea water is denser than river water and the body sinks less in it Why does the specific gravity of milk increase, when cream is removed The cream has a lower specific gravity(density) than milk and density of a mixture depends upon its constituents, depending upon their relative proportions. A decrease on the proportion of lighter constituent will result in the increase of the sp name of the ten satellite launched from india and year of launch. 1. Aryabhata(1975) 2. Bhaskara-I(1979) 3. Bhaskara-II(1981) 4. APPLE(1981) 5. Rohini(1980) 6. IRS(1980) 7. INSAT(1982) 8. INSAT-2B(1993) 9. INSAT-2C(1995) 10.GSAT-I(2001) Why do we not feel the enormous weight of the atmosphere above our he We do not feel the enormous weight of the atmosphere above our heads, because the pressure is same on all the sides. Explain the Real and Virtual Image ? When a pencil of ray, diverging from a point, after reflection and refraction, actually passes through a second point that second point is called the real image of the first point. When a pencil of rays after reflection; and refraction only ap What is the normal pulse beat of a human body? 78 beats per minute. Explain the Reflection of Light ? The point where a ray of light strikes the surface of a mirrors is called the point of incidence. If a normal is drawn to the surface at this point, the angle4 which the incident ray makes with it is called the angle of incidence. The angle Dust is removed from a carpet, if we strike it with a stick, why ? When the carper is beaten with a stick, the carpet and the dust particles are ser in motion. The carper comes to rest after some time, while the dust particles go on moving. How does the electricity travel ? It travels in wires of metal by conduction, in solutions by a kind of connection and through space by radiation. why glass is more elastic than rubber? Becuse simply glass is a liquid and rubber is a solid. what is a transducer?? and how it is used in Naval Ships?? Transducer is a device which converts Energy from One form to the Other.. Transducer is used in Micrphone used in Naval Ships. The principle of action of points is used in A. capacitors B. in D:Lightning arrestors Mercury thermometer is constructed as shown in Figure The capillary t no figure shown.