Top Fashion Modelling Interview Questions :: Top Fashion Modelling Interview Questions en-us How to become a Model and what are the qualities needed? Any one can become a model. You don't have to be tall, beautiful, slim, tall, and photogenic, know how to act etc. You may require some of the above to be on the cover of the magazine, but you may also have to attain certain skills talents o What are the main responsibilities of a Fashion Designer? selection of good fabrics,their qualities,color,texture,style,and the main imp designing When making a portfolio as a Fashion Designer what is the best way t i dont know give me a correct answer plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. who was the most famous American female fashion icon of the 1960s? Jacqueline Kennedy later known as Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. What is the fibre source of mohair fibre? The angora goat produces fibre which become mohair. what is the best style for big hips and a small waist? long straight skirt. how much money do you get paid and do you have to be tall to be a mo Well.., it all depends up on the organized shows and sponsors what you actually paid for. And a minimum of "6" feets with different looks can make out your career in modeling. Who was the 1980s and 1990s fashion icon known as the Clothes Horse The Clothes Horse Ambassadress of Fashion was Diana Princess of Wales. By the 1990s she was a world leader of fashion in clothes, accessories, make up and hair. She became a trendsetter hounded by the press for her latest look, latest remark Name 3 fashion designers of the late Victorian or Edwardian era. Designers of the period include the Houses of Worth, Redfern, Paquin, Lucile, Fortuny, Doucet, Callot Soeurs, and Poiret. I think being a Freelance Fashion Designer would be great. I'd ofcourse it would get lots of exposures...learn more things while you are studying can do lots of can gain experience... 1. Briefly describe your ideal job?2. Why did you choose this career 1,PHARMACIST ASSISTANT (D-PHARM) DISPENSING AND PROVIDING INSTRUCTIONS TO PATIENTS TO TAKE MEDICINE AND METHOD OF ADMINISTRATIONS, SIDE EFFECT AND ADVERSE DRUG REACTION . 2,I HAVE TO TAKE HAND THE PEOPLES WHO ARE SUFFERING ILLNESS NOT ONLY PHYS what are the general questions asked in p.g. nift interview what are the qualities to be modelling? height 5.6 or 5.9 weight 49-54 nice and silky hair "34""24""35" confidence perfect talented fair skin attractive face When designing clothes ... what steps can be taken to get creative i to whom u design a cloth firstly check what the shape &structure &the design is suit in her/him color &feel comfort in your garment How did the term Raglan sleeve or Raglan style come about? Lord Raglan lost an arm in the Crimean War. To make dressing easier his tailor made a short coat with a simple diagonal sleeve seam setting that extended from the neck to the underarm. It allowed much more mobility for Lord Raglan and so was