Top Estimation Analysis Interview Questions :: Top Estimation Analysis Interview Questions en-us what are the common estimation techniques followed Common estimation techniques in software engineering include: 1. Parametric Estimating 2. Wideband Delphi 3. Cocomo 4. SLIM 5. SEER-SEM Parametric Estimation of Effort, Schedule, Cost, Risk (based on Brooks Law) 6. Function P what is the best fit phase in SDLC to do the estimation analysis I would say, WBS - Work break down stucture would be the best fit for any kind of Estimation.. Presumption : Team knows what they have to do and the company has a structured approach. FPA also works just fine .. Any comments ? what are the tools available for estimation evaluation Here with i ahve given some of estimation tools ... 1. Tool name : QUEST It is Excel based estimation tool. Supports COCOMO II estimating factors, Function Point estimating, and statistical estimating methods 2. Toll Name : Goldenseal how to review the estimation, what are the check points We have 10 check points to review the Estimations. 1. Define Scope & Purpose 2. Identify Technical Baseline and GR&A 3. Collect Data 4. Software Sizing (new and reused) 5. Prepare Baseline Estimate 6. Identify Risk items 7. Es determine a minimum of of four advantage that the ASP has over the SDL tough question! i dont think we can get the answer of this question beter ask with the tutor! who does the estimation in perticular SW project Software Project Manager what are the parameters / dependencies in calculating the estimation Based on FP (Functional Points) count only we will calculate the estimation this will be changed based on Front end & Back end technology is there any limitations for holystic estimation Estimation is a crucial element of software project planning. Unfortunately, there are inherent limitations in the ability to estimate projects accurately due to the inherent uncertainties in software projects. In 1968, Alfred Pietrasanta o what are the basic loop holes in estimation evaluation Use a search engine on "application service provider (ASP)"o Access to price sensitive materials buying centers Application maintenance and software upgrades Business applications hosting Data backup and recovery services E-commerce management for web based sales Electronic workflow analysis Highlight four principal dangers that are deemed to be security threat who is/are the stake holders in accepting the estimation for specifi please share your learnings in estimation and retrospects towards th you have given estimation to your customer for 15 days and later it