Top Engineering Interview Questions :: Top Engineering Interview Questions en-us what s the full form of GOOGLE and YAHOO? Full form of GOOGLE is " Global Organization Of Oriented Group Language Of Earth" Full form of YAHOO is "Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle" I want formula to calculate cable size as per load given in kw & sorry i dont have the xat formula for that but for ALUMINIUM CABLE: = 1.2 A of current CU: = 5.0 A of current and the relation b/w A & KW IS 1KW= 1000*A*240*COS# A- CURRENT 240= VOLTAGE COS what is the difference between electrical & electronics eletrical is transfor a.c current-electronics is control circuit in d.c voltage eletrical use fundamental all purpose--eletronics use based on eletrical what is the difference between ONLINE UPS and OFFLINE UPS? online ups is the one which in on position (both cases: powersupply on&off).but in case of offline ups is on at the time power failure. how to calculate the steel for rcc slab? plz tell me the formula for For Tender purpose, just take valume of RCC conc.X 110 = steel in rcc what are active and Passive Components? ACTIVE COMPONENTS The components which produce the energy in the form of current or voltage are called as active components. Example:transistors etc,. PASSIVE COMPONENTS The components which stores the energy in the form of curren What is the Difference Between MCCB & ACB & VCB Mccb is moulded case circuit breaker. ACB is air circuit breaker. VCB is vacuum circuit breaker. 1 Ton = ? amperes & power. How much power 1.5 TON split AC cons i.5 ton ac consume 1 yo 1.5 unit in an hour on regular use... how to calculate 1:2:4 ratio concrete cement, sand, metal and water Here volume is (1 cement bag=1.25 cu.ft) cement 1 1.25 cu.ft sand 2 2.50 cu.ft metal 4 5.00 cu.ft ----------- 8.75 cu.ft total volume how do we calculate quantity of cement , sand and aggregates in 1 m3 1:1:2 What is the basic difference between Latches and Flip flops? latch is a device which is used as switch,f/f is a storing element What is meant by H.R.C fuse? In electrical system fuse acts as protection device and depending on application different type of fuse is to select. Out of these different type of fuses HRC is also one of the type and it stands for " High Rupting Capacity". This t why transformer ratings in kva? because,ironloss is depends in voltage and cu_loss is depends in the transformer ratings in kva In interview we are asked "WHAT IS YOUR POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE P If suppose any body face the above question then you must answer with out any hesitation. That answer is ,'' I have very strong analytical skills. I will try to solve the problem's source not th What is the difference between MCB & MCCB, Where it can be used, MCB is miniature circuit breaker which is thermal oprated and use for short circuit protection in small current rating circuit. MCCB moulded case circuit breaker and is thermal operated for over load current and magnetic operation for instant