Top Engineering AllOther Interview Questions :: Top Engineering AllOther Interview Questions en-us WHY AMMETER IS ALWAYS CONNECTEDIN SERIES IN THE CIRCUIT AND VOLTMETE Ammeter is connected in the series because it measures the current which would be flowing in a single series line by a series of electrons Voltmeter is connected in parallel because it measures the potential difference between two terminals( I am about to face the interview panel of Indian army for UES(for mo dont worry about that.indian army just after coming to any colleges ,they perform a gd which is damm easy ,only u have to do is that to speak about that topic clearly and to the point .dont deviate from the topic otherwise???.. then when u qualif what is advantages and disadvantages of CAT5,CAT5e,CAT6,CAT7,COAXIAL UTP CAT5 - Limited to maximum length run up to 100 meter only. Technical Interview Questions Networking 1. What is an IP address NETSH commands will let you do everything you can do with the mmc snap-in, including the configuration and viewing of static or dynamic ipsecmain modesettings, quick mode settings, rules and configuration parameters. further, the netsh comman basic difference between run time and compile time polymorphism for example when u wrote a program. first the code will have to translated into machine code like dividing the streams and analysing the syntax(eg:a*(b+c)).The time during this process is run time. After converting the source code instruct differance between impedance relay,mho relay, reactance relay in det impedance relay is not inherently directional bt can b made so,by using a directional unit with it. reactance relay on other hand doesn't hv directional feature nor can be made directional using directional unit mho relay incoparates featu CAN ANYBODY CAN SEND ME HEWITT PLACEMENT PAPERS(APTITUDE AND TECHNIC plz send hewitt placement papers WHAT THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN JCB 3DX & 3D? X is the difference What do you mean by static routing and dynamic routing? in static routing all routes need toi entered manually in routers routing table if any changes needs to be done Network admin have to update the same in routing table. Dynamic using routing protocols routing changes will be updated in routers A sheet of paper has statements numbered from 1 to 30. For all values b)all statements r false why do we use first angle projection and third angle projection onl it is because in 2nd & 4th angle projection there comes problem of overlapping what is the port address in ICMP? ICNP used port 445 Prove that in a self-complementing code the sum of the weights must the sum of the number and its complements should be 9999 1. What is Active Directory? 2. What is LDAP? 3. Can you connect A Q. 1. What is Active Directory ? Ans. Active Directory is a directory services which we installed administrative tools. A D makes the system as a Domain Controller. Why Mother Board is called Mother Board & not Father Board? because mother board is having slots