Top Designing Interview Questions :: Top Designing Interview Questions en-us What are the main responsibilities of a Fashion Designer? selection of good fabrics,their qualities,color,texture,style,and the main imp designing When making a portfolio as a Fashion Designer what is the best way t i dont know give me a correct answer plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. what is the best style for big hips and a small waist? long straight skirt. I think being a Freelance Fashion Designer would be great. I'd ofcourse it would get lots of exposures...learn more things while you are studying can do lots of can gain experience... 1. Briefly describe your ideal job?2. Why did you choose this career 1,PHARMACIST ASSISTANT (D-PHARM) DISPENSING AND PROVIDING INSTRUCTIONS TO PATIENTS TO TAKE MEDICINE AND METHOD OF ADMINISTRATIONS, SIDE EFFECT AND ADVERSE DRUG REACTION . 2,I HAVE TO TAKE HAND THE PEOPLES WHO ARE SUFFERING ILLNESS NOT ONLY PHYS When designing clothes ... what steps can be taken to get creative i to whom u design a cloth firstly check what the shape &structure &the design is suit in her/him color &feel comfort in your garment How can I become a famous Fashion Designer? This is a time of compitition so to become a famous fashion designer he or she should have a creative mind.She should know about trends,should have to work hard in learning more and more about all the new things happening in the world.It will 29. Which country is the largest producer of gold in the world? (a) S 29. answer U.S.A How can I turn my fashion design hobby into a career? creating designs by taking themes like:fusion wear,trible wear,western wear etc.... Do you have a good sense of fashion? yes,but in small scale. Nike, Adidas or Reebok? nike and adidas becoz reebok is becoming cheap brand Would this be a slutie outfit? I want to be a Fashion Designer!!! But I can't really draw lol! Is it hard to make it into the fashion design business? to make a business is really a hard work in any field & fashion dsign is a creative work so it takes more time. I am fashion designing student. we are supposed to make our portfoli hi buddy, just choose theme according to worlds recent happenings & most affected or powerful things... mostly the thing which we can make clear output & which will be worth comparing to other portfolios.. mostly the simple & neat