Top Canada Visa Interview Questions :: Top Canada Visa Interview Questions en-us Can anybody tell me canada visiting visa interview questions? Recently i have undergone interview for visiting visa.. I am sharing the questions that are asked to me in Delhi Canadian embassy that might help to you.. 1) General introduction like when u have been to delhi. 2) When did u met ur spouse first t Why you want to go to canada? because i want to experience the life style of canada. i want to know about culatural differences between two countries what type of questions for work permit visa of canada? HI I AM PLANNING TO VISIT CANADA TO MY UNCLE ON VISITOR VISA PLEASE T It depends upon first of all the age group you blong to. Then they would check your finacial status, valid reason to visit Canada, family back ground and conform that you come back to your country. What type off questions are asked in canadian live in caregiver interv Can anyone share frequently asked questions during an interview for sure, i can share the faqs for canada check this site and download the pdf of all the canada faqs Is Police Checking Done for getting visa confirmation as that done w Just go to the SSP Office & Submit the application (Computer & Written) with 4 photographs,copy of passport,Copy of Ration Card...then police official will come to the home & will demand for the witness of your neighobour then pro what type of question they will ask from soudiarabia driver who is a i m good driver hi this is sunny can anybody can post interview questions asked for w You should stay in india there are no jobs in canada. Plus you will lower the wages for the canadians looking for jobs. wat type of questions are asked during the interview for live n care Please tell me what questions did they ever made in the embassy =) Hi.. This is Neetha... Will any one will answer generally what questi No, there is no need to opt for English language for interview , if you are not confident in it. You can choose Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil, urdu . As there will be a translater who will work as a intermediate you & visa officer. question asked at time of interview for point system visa by canada I applied as foreign worker at Alberta, Canada twice. My first appli According to me i think you should give valid reason for why you have selected canada only for work & not other country. they might be expecting something logical ans from your side. Secondly answering all the question is not only important but HI, My Brother is in India and he wants to come CANADA as a "PR& Nothing but they asked some easy questions related your background, your work in india, how to apply and why u preffer for canada only, who is your sponser etc.... like this kind of questions they asked. but this is nothing to worry. u just ke what if you get a canada degree in india ,would you like to go to ca Yes l would still prefer to go to Canada because am not only interested in the academic knowledge but also to mix with other cultures which would help me become internationally volatile with my degree and in working with other people apart from p