Top Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions :: Top Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions en-us how should we start our self introduction.what is the sequence should After our name,we should tell our native place.and any specific think which is related to native place(if any). 2.we should tell our hightest qualification,followed by 10th and 12th. 3.tell abt work experience 4.tell short description abt fam What is the importance of computer. A computer can give us everything we need! for example, a reseach project, finding someone in the internet, can get you a cyber friend, and for me this is the best storage file, you can make a back-up of your file when somebody accidentally d why do you want to join bpo if i say honestly, ilike bpo's conditions, it requires comunication skills and good attitude, my desire to built my carrer in bpo's it may can make my future colourful. TELL ME ABOUT YOUR SELF.. my name is krisha kumar and i have complted my diploma in computer scienc from p.vp plytechinic tell me something about yourself? my self..... i did my schooling from...., now i m prsuing graduation from......, i am from..., regarding my family, my father is a...., my mother is home maker & i have one brother he is ...., i can speak hindi, english & punjabi. my Speak on your unforgettable or memorable day for two minutes? as per my unforgatteble moment had taken place in my college days.i was the captain of basketball team we won all the matches in tournament i got the chance to play in the national tournament. what can you contribute in this company I can contribute all my qualities that i posses as such exellent communication skills.Further i will undertake responsibility and will complete it within stipulated time or before.I will do the work with heart and soul. tell me about yourself introduction? My self sandeep kumar. I have done scooling 20...Then done Graducation in science/art stream from ..... Presently i m working with ......( last sixmonths.I have experience in software testing. what is the definition of teacher & tell 5 qualities Teacher is nothing but one who teach good manner , behaviour, not only bookish knowledge and also tell about yourself, please do give with example . I am 'ur name' from 'place'. i did i 'last leve of education', then the next then your school. my father is working in "name of company" as well tell abt mother.. then your sibblings. i love to  What is your weakness? more than five and explain? how u overcome tha My weakness is :- 1.lack of self confidence. 2.introverdness. 3.prejudice according to me these are the main weakness in me which i can remember & i will overcome by practicing to remove it.I will read books & will practical in m can any one tell me what is US,Uk and Australian timing in India for It depends on the company and the process, but remember one thing. You should be ready to work in night shifts.. What did you do yesterday. yesterday i went to mumbai to meet my parents Tell me about your most memorable moment. when i clear my class 12 exam with unexpected percentage What is your salary expectation Sorry, i dont know ,What are you planning on paying the best candidate.