Top CDMA Interview Questions :: Top CDMA Interview Questions en-us What is the main differnece between 1x RTT and 1X EVDO There are many differences are there between 1x Rtt and 1x EVDO ---- 1. first thing comes to mind the channel structure in 1x RTT there are 4 forward channel and two rev channel . but in ev do that channel structure is different . control cha Define Scrambling Code? Step 3: Scrambling-code identification During the third and last step of the cell search procedure, the UE determines the exact primary scrambling code used by the found cell. The primary scrambling code is typically identified through symbo write very briefly the underlyning functional concept of gsm and cdma i am not clear about answer of this question. what is cdma technology? What was it's origin ? How it works? 1>CDMA means Code Division Multiple access. 2>It was orginated at USA. 3>Each user is assigned a unique code and they can use the entire bandwidth available.It is like Ten persons in a meeting room are talking at the same time but with For CDMA, which is the weaker Link: FWD or Reverse? Why? Reverse link. b/c less signaling is on reverse link. what is the functionality of search window in CDMA? what is the diffe Hai..Friends... I have Tata Photon+ and Reliance netconnect.. Its pos # 1 hiiiiii frnd u can send msg via ur modem follow these steps go to setting there is a option of sms click it then u will see many option on left hand side sent sms is one of them click it and enjoy okkkk I have a job interview and I will be asked 1)-in depth multi carrier