Top Bio Physics Interview Questions :: Top Bio Physics Interview Questions en-us What are the advantages and disadvantages of transgenic animals for I have completly no idea Explain the terms MS-DOS and WINDOWS? DOS means Disk Operating System Windows means one of the operating system What is a psychometric curve? The psychometric curve is obtained while recording the threshold of balance with the constant stimuli method. The data refer to a fixed value of the luminance of the reference, LBC. In some cases this curve is simply sigmoid-like, and to th What is the central dogma of molecular biology? The central dogma of molecular biology was first introduced by Francis Crick . The central dogma of molecular biology deals with the residue by residue transfer of sequential information. such information cannot be transferred from prote what is a turnover number of an enzyme? Is that always an evaluation turnover number of enzyme is number of substrate it converts into product per minute.turnover number is depended on substrate affinity, physical condition of the enzyme (ph, temperature). What is the difference between equilibrium and steady-state? probably,equilibrum is attained wen there is fwd and reverse rxn and in steady state there is continous inflow of reactants & outflow of products Explain about Movements ? As plants are fixed to the ground, they cannot move bodily but their protoplasm is sensitive to certain external factors act as stimuli such as heat, light, gravity, chemicals, electricity etc. Movements may be classified into two main group What are neuromodulators? Neuromodulators modulate regions or circuits of the brain. They affect a group of neurons, causing a modulation of that group. what is the yous of HPLC,how we use the colums,what is the importent it can be used as both analytical and preparative purposes. mainly used to analyze the biomolecules like proteins,carbohydrates and other organic compounds. What is information? The result that has been generated after processing of raw data is called information. Classify and describe the main functions of computer peripherals? What is the "aperture problem"? The aperture problem arises as a consequence of the ambiguity of one-dimensional motion of a simple striped pattern viewed through an aperture. Consider one image that can be used to construct apparent motion through an aperture. The striped What are the basic principles of regulation ? Principle for Regulation (especially of GEne expression) lies in either positive control(eukaryotes) or negative control(prokaryotes and lower eukaryotes) It depends on certain cis acting elements like promoter,enhancer,etc. and trans acting elements HOW IS BLOOD FORM? CELLS TOGETER GHJKL What is the significance of modelling and which model types do you k